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Autumn Term

Our New Addition

Many thanks to Lottie's mum for making a class bookworm for our reading chair. I'm sure he'll become a great asset to Hazel Class!

Picture 1

Autumn 1 - Misty Mountain Sierra


This half term has been super busy and exciting in Hazel Class. Firstly, we 'climbed Mount Everest' (by means of Google Earth) to see the conditions of what is it like at a summit of a mountain. We have rewrote a story about a monster that lived on the other side of the mountain. After that we considered other forms of maps and used GPS to go geocaching around Sharnford. We have also created Kennings to describe Mountain animals. We have also learnt about the water cycle and beginning to use Scratch to help us recreate it. We have conducted an experiment to see how the water cycle occurs. In Maths we have looked at place value and now moving onto addition and subtraction. In RE week we discovered the Creation Story and how valuable it is to Christians. 


We also led the Harvest Service at Sharnford Methodist Church.


Below are some of the highlights of this term.