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Ethos and Values

The Federation


Our Federation has a strong commitment to enabling our pupils to enjoy their lives as productive and contributive members of society. At the core of our learning approach are the ethos, values and behaviours which support and guide all of the school community through our time together.

As well as our Mission Statement, we have our Christian Values and Jenny Mosely's Golden Time strategy.

Christian Values


As a Church of England school we have values which we associate with being good Christians, but that can be used by anyone of any faith. These values form part of a focus every term in lessons such as R.E. and PSHE, as well as being used in assemblies. we feel these values help us all be active and positive members of a learning community. The values are:


I can do all things through Him who strengthens me’. Philippians 4.13

Jesus frequently encouraged his disciples to ‘endure patiently’ the difficulties and obstacles they encountered and to persevere in the face of adversity. He himself trusted in God even when his enemies tried to stop his work and plotted his death.



‘Encourage one another and build each other up’. 1 Thessalonians 5.11

Christians believe they can call God their friend because of the relationship made possible through Jesus.



‘Just as the Lord has forgiven you, so you must also forgive others’. Colossians 3.13

Forgiveness is the means by which damaged relationships are restored. It is an act of the will, motivated by love. For Christians, Jesus’ death on a cross is the ultimate revelation of God’s all forgiving love, and his sacrifice stands as a source of inspiration to forgive others, no matter what the cost.



Learn to do right. Seek justice’. Isaiah 1.17

The justice revealed in the Bible is always seen in the context of love. It includes the call to take responsibility for one another, especially the poor and oppressed, and to see that no-one is excluded from the essentials of life.


Respect and Reverance

‘Do to others as you would have them do to you’. Matthew 7.12

The nature of God , as revealed in the Bible, presnts all people with a choice. Those whose reponse is one of respect are acknowledging God’s greatness, authority and involvement in the world. This will extend to respect for the created order, including humanity made in the image of God. Reverence takes this response a step further and will include aspects of worship such as awe and wonder, surrender and sacrifice.



‘Always be thankful’. 1Thessalonians 5.16

Christians believe that God loves and cares for them in many different ways in all aspects of their life. They know that their response to this provision should be one of thankfulness and praise.


Jenny Mosely's Golden Time and Golden Rules


The Golden Time and Golden Rules system is a positive reinforcement approach to recognise the great efforts and fantastic behaviours the vast majority of our pupils show on a daily basis. The main focus is a half hour period in every week where we can reward pupils by having a choice of activities that, while still educational, are more relaxed and fun based than lesson activities can be. In the Juniors, these activities are often chosen by the pupils themselves and have included Engineering challenges, baking, talent shows or even Christmas card making.


The system also provides a positive and easily reinforced focus for those pupils who might be having a challenging time focusing on their learning at that particular time. Golden Time is highly valued by all within the school and earning it through practicing the values and behaviours of the school community through a whole week is a deserved reward for everyone.


Every term we also like to reward those who have kep their Golden Time for the whole term. Pupils are awarded certificates for their outstanding achievement.

Behaviour Policy.

We aim to create a happy, caring atmosphere where children feel secure and can fulfil their potential by praising good behaviour and enforcing clear consequences for inappropriate behaviour. Our behaviour management policy is based upon having a positive whole school approach, which is applied consistently and fairly at all times and is understood by teachers, children and parents.

In our Federation we:

  • Positively encourage appropriate behaviour from all children at all times.
  • Reward the children for their appropriate behaviour.
  • Ensure that all children understand the consequence of inappropriate behaviour.
  • Endeavour to create an atmosphere in which children’s self esteem can flourish.

Children follow golden rules and are rewarded each week with golden time. This is a time when children are able to participate in an exciting activity. Children collect individual rewards, which are stamped, on their stamp card. On completion of a stamp card, the teacher will complete a certificate for the child and both stamp card and certificate will go home so that the child may share his/her achievement with his/her parents. On completing five stamp cards a certificate from the Head will be awarded.

Each week each member of staff will nominate someone for the golden folder – this can be for kindness, politeness, helpfulness, or hard work. These will be given out in assembly on Friday and placed in the golden folder in the library.


We do not overlook or dismiss poor behaviour and deal with this using sanctions. Each class has a display of expectations and sanctions. Children are warned through a series of steps that their behaviour is unacceptable and will lose golden time as a result.
If we have concerns about your child’s behaviour at anytime we will contact you.


The Federation's Behaviour policy can be downloaded here.