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What's STEM then?


Stem stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths.


So, what's this blog about?


We will be using this blog to update the Federation community on key discoveries, events and research in the STEM community. We will also be showing off the STEM activities we do at school.


What can I do?


Talk to your children about Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths! Try copying some of the experiments we do at home. Most of the experiments and activities we do at school can easily be recreated at home, and this can give your children more opportunities to explore and experiment with their own ideas. If you are not sure, just ask your child's class teacher. We will also be putting instructions on here.


A great example is making a paper plane. Make a paper plane, then try and answer these questions by changing the plane, or making other different designs:

1. What happens if I make a bigger plane?

2. What happens if I make a smaller plane?

3. How can I make it fly further?

4. What happens if I change the shape or design?

5. Can I make a plane with different materials or types of paper?


These 5 simple questions can teach your child so much about forces, maths, design, technology, experimental process and communicating ideas.


So, keep your eyes out below for more ideas and updates!