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Summer 2

This half term we will be learning about 'Tomorrow's World'. This topic is all about the future and the amazing technologies we have developed in our world. We will look at famous people who have contributed to the history of technology, making our own tech webs and using ICT to learn all about the Earth's amazing technologies. As part of our Literacy lessons, we will be reading Anthony Horowitz' 'Stormbreaker', an action-adventure story where a teenage boy becomes a spy in mortal danger.

On Thursday 14th June, 2018, we visited The Hinckley Academy to participate in their ‘Fantastic Beasts’ themed day. Whilst we visited there were so many activities for us to take part in. The children loved being sorted into houses and winning house points and golden tickets for their House. Some of the activities included: Cooking; Magical Maths; Potions; Junk Modelling; Singing; Monsters and Hero’s drama and Muggle Quidditch. Years 5 had a fabulous day and were brilliant role models for the school. Thank you to the parents who came to watch the graduation ceremony and to Hinckley Academy for putting on this superb day.