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Yr 5/6 Willow Mr Howard & Mrs Dawkins

Easter Homework


Year 6: see the tasks below. Year 5: read something interesting in the holidays.

International Day Thursday 21st March 2019


Willow class researched and found out lots of information about Nepal - based around the story "Cloudy Tea Monkeys".   All children were interested to found out as many facts as possible and produced posters in pairs, what a fantastic array of designs..!  

GPAS - (Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling lessons)

Mrs Dawkins has been trying to make these lesson more practical; we played the Contraction game using large dice to try to find words that contract to make new words eg I am = I'm, they will = they'll.

We worked in small groups to find as many Synonyms and Antonyms as possible, we then used a thesaurus to give us more of a bank of words to use in our writing..! 

500 Words Story Competition


Our stories have been submitted! Keep your fingers crossed, and watch this space...

Cherry Class Buddies

We have started a 'buddy' system, where Willow class pair up with Cherry class and share work, work together and help each other. This week, the older children listened to the younger ones read and read and enjoyed stories together. A really worthwhile project that we are looking to develop further. Watch this space...


This term, our topic is called 'Scream Machine' and is all about fairgrounds and rides: the sights, sounds and smells, how rides work, the forces involved, etc. We began the topic by building models of fairground rides. We then move on to scientific investigations in to how various rides work, designing and making our own rides and using technology to control them.

Fairground Faces

The children created poses, imagining they were on various fairground rides. We are then going to use the images to create a collage, as well as use them for our drop ride models.

So far this half-term, we have written fairground poetry, discovered centripetal force with a bucketful of water upside down, designed, made and tested log flumes and created fairground rides from construction kits. We are now in the process of writing spooky stories about what happened one night at an old, abandoned fairground...

Autumn 2nd 2018


This half-term, we will be studying World War I as part of the centenary, followed by Queen Victoria and the Industrial Revolution. If you get bored during half-term, watch some Horrible Histories videos about World War I and The Victorians.

Autumn 1st 2018


This half-term, we have been studying how humans have a unique identity, including how our fingerprints are unique, our DNA, our thoughts and memories and our hopes and dreams. We have taken our own fingerprints and investigated other characteristics, such as tongue-rolling! We have also considered family traits, and who we look like in our families!


Our Literacy work has been linked to our topic; we have written about the history of fingerprinting, as well as calligrams (shape poems) about ourselves.


In Maths, we have been learning about place value in large and decimal numbers and how to add, subtract, multiply and divide large numbers.

Homework Autumn 1st