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05-09-2017 STEM Update: What is an Indian Summer?

What is an Indian Summer?


If you have been listening to the weather and news, a lot of people have been saying that we are due for an Indian Summer. Well, what does this mean?


The term refers to unusually hot weather during Autumn. While not always a heatwave, it means temperatures that are higher than normal. Of course in the UK we are not known for having 'normal' weather - but that's a story for another blog!


The name was first recorded in 1778 in the US, but it was in use before this. It was a time when the Native American Indians in the East could get work done which they had not been able to do during the hot and difficult summer months. The term now applies to weather conditions like this in the UK, and can occur several times in the Autumn.


This weather also known to Shakespeare, he named it "All Halloween Summer".