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09-10-2017 STEM Update - Cancer hope? Missing Matter and Wind Powers the World

Scientists have discovered a protein that might make cancer cells self-destruct while leaving healthy cells alone. While still in the early days of development, it has been tested successfully on a type of leukemia. Our hopes remain strong that this could help in the fight against Cancer.


Cosmologists think they have discovered where most of the 'missing' parts of the Universe are. Scientists have for years speculated on where the rest of the universe is - at this moment in time we have only identified a few planets around the millions of stars in the sky. Teams at 2 Universities have identified huge bands of dense gases that connect different solar systems and galaxies. If this is proven further, these gases could explain why we haven't seen more of the 'missing' parts of the Universe.


Finally it has been shown that there is enough wind power in the North Atlantic to power the world. If the resources can be put together, the wind is so strong in the North Atlantic it could provide wind generated electricity for the whole world. This could, effectively, making energy free for everyone.