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13-11-2017 STEM update: Blue Planet 2; Mozart Effect; Year 6 Electricity

Have you seen Blue Planet 2? Check with your parents first, but, as with the first series, this is fast becoming must watch t.v.! Year 6s have watched what happens to a 30 ton Sperm Whale carcass, and the first episode has some unique footage of Trevally fish, catching birds. Amazing.


Heard of the Mozart effect? This was a theory that listening to music can help you concentrate at tasks better, especially when being creative. In Year 6 we will often have some soft classical musaic on in the background when we are doing our Big Writes. Well scientists have now shown that this effect might not be as universal as was once thought. Only certain types of sound can be beneficial, and this can vary from task to task. Funnily enough, whether you enjoy the music or not doesn't matter!


Recently Year 6 had an Electricity project which tied into our World War Two topic. After revising their knowledge of electrical circuits, Year 6 were challenged by the Ministry of Defence with designing Air Raid warning systems. The key barrier to success was finding the components that worked! The pupils developed their own testing systems, some even designing parallel circuits even though we hadn't even taught that! Well done everyone.