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25-09-18 STEM Update: Iceberg ahoy! Botanic Gardens and Science and Religion meet

Scientists are keeping track of an Antarctic iceberg known as A68 that looks like it is about to break free. One of the reasons is because of it's size - at 6000 square kilometres and over 1 trillion tons in weight, it has a larger area than some countries! Located in the Weddell Sea, the A68 is due to break away from the Larsen ice shelf soon and head North.


Botanic gardens now contain samples of over one third of plant species, and help protect 40% of the world's endangered plant species. Without plants, we would not exist on this planet, so the work of Botanic gardens is essential. Arguably the most famous one in the UK is Kew Gardens but if you can, visit you local Botanic garden and see the work that they do.


Finally this has been Creation week in RE at our Federation. You might think that there has been no place for Science, but there has been a lot of debate about the conficts and compatibility of scienticif theory on Life anf the Universe, and Genesis Chapter 1: the creation story. Year 4 in All Saints created these amazing Tray Gardens, learning about Creation and plant Biology.