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28-08-18 STEM Update: Quantum Computers, Deep Space Exploration, Cheese!

This week three stories stand out.


Chinese computer scientists are developing a Quantum computer. While the science behind this is extremely complex, such a computer is far, far more powerful than any other computer currently in use. Question - is developing more powerful machines always a good thing?


40 years ago, Nasa launched two deep space probes, Voyagers 1 an 2. 40 years later not only are they still exploring the deepest parts of our Solar System and beyond, but Nasa is still receiving updates from them! Question - what do you think the Voyagers will find beyond our Solar System?


Recent studies have shown how foods like cheese might have altered how our skulls have developed. As humans moved to farming, instead of hunting and gathering, for the food, the increase in the amount of soft foods we were eating had an impact on how our skulls became shaped. However Scientists stress that this wasn't the main influence. Question - how would we look if we were not eating soft foods?


Finally - students in Germany have developed something called a hyperloop in a competition run by Elon Musk. They were competing against other students and companies from all over the world. Musk wants to create ways of moving around the world that are cheap and environmentally friendly. So, don't think you can't make a difference. One day, this could be you!