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Absence Procedures.

When a child is absent from school because of illness or other permissible reason, a telephone call, visit to the office or note explaining the reason for absence is required on the first day of absence. It is a statutory requirement for schools to record absences as authorised or unauthorised.

Where a child’s attendance level gives cause for concern, parents are contacted and the school may request that Education Welfare Officer becomes involved.

Request for Holiday Absence

We request that families try to avoid taking holidays during term time. When children are taken out of school they miss important aspects of their education and may take a while to settle back into school after coming back from holiday. We recognise that family circumstances maybe such that taking a holiday during term time is unavoidable. If you are proposing to take your child / children away at a time other than during a school holiday, please complete the necessary form. The Government has decided that no holiday can be authorised therefore any holiday taken during term time will be noted as unauthorised.

Leaving during School Hours

No child may leave the school premises during the day unless collected by a parent or supervising adult. Written request for your child to be collected at a certain time should be sent to the office.