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Alchemy Island Experiments

Fountain of gold

We have recreated the fountain of gold. We used a plastic bottle, hydrogen peroxide, washing up liquid, yellow food colouring, golden glitter, yeast and warm water. When we added the yeast the liquid reacted by foaming up and overflowing. Creating a fountain of gold!


Alchemist Experiment.

We had different samples taken from all around Alchemy Island to experiment with using lots of different tools. The samples were taken from Rainbow Dunes, Silver Shingle Beach, Steel mines, Glass peak mountains, Fogwind swamp, Crystal hedge forest, Copper nook and an unknown location. `We tested their state, their hardness, their magnetism, their transparency and their electrical conductivity. We had great fun experimenting!


Experimenting with Mr Wyness

We had lots of fun setting fire to different substances to analyse their properties.