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The Little Fir Tree

KS1 and EYFS performed The Little Fir Tree in front of parents and Governors for their Christmas Nativity. The children worked so hard learning lines and songs and we were all immensely proud of them. Well done! 

Friday 23rd November

Today we had some visitors from the NSPCC to talk to Key Stage One and EYFS. They explained that some behaviour towards us is unacceptable and we discussed who we could tell if we feel uncomfortable.

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We had a visitor come to teach us various forms of skipping! Take a look at the different types of skipping that we did.


We had a DPD van come and visit us to remind us about road safety. We saw that if we were in the van we couldn't see children right in front of it. It was very though provoking (and fun)

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Circus Day

We had a day learning about different transferable skills through the means of Circus skills. The children had lots of fun.

Topic Launch

We had a Viking visitor come to tell us all about the Vikings. We discussed weapons, clothing and how they fought. The children were incredibly engaged and using their Viking terminology. We then made brooches and shields.

WW1 Day

Over the last week and today we have been looking at WW1. We thought about how to say thank you to all those involved in the war 100 year ago. We drew pictures of poppies using chalk, made Anzac biscuits and wrote thank you acrostic poems.

In literacy we also completed a slow write based on Cbeebies WW1 video.

We learnt three songs for WW1 day and performed them and it was videoed so it could be shown on the Friday.

Our visitor (paramedic)


Today we had a paramedic visit us in an ambulance. We learnt all about what a paramedic does and we saw what was inside an ambulance. The children asked some questions and we talked about the pulse and what it means.

Our DT T-Shirts

Topic Day

We have completed a range of experiments to learn what are body is like. First we looked at the digestive system and have mimicked how it works. Then we investigated how and why we burp. In the afternoon we recreated the digestive system on t-shirts and looked at how we clean our teeth. The children enjoyed themselves and have learnt lots about the body!