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Autumn II - Stargazers


This half-term we are learning all about space. We will start by looking at the solar system, the differences between the planets and move onto how we get seasons, day and night and how forces affect us. Alongside this we will be writing our own science fiction story, making a non-chronological report and writing about the moon landing. In maths our focus will be fractions, decimals, percentages and then co-ordinates and graphs. 

Some of our December activities: making insulators in science, creating posters to promote a charity in RE and learning how to keep ourselves safe in a fire.

The moon is made of.....chocolate! Finding out about the moon cycle using chocolate biscuits - yum!

Space Centre - November 2017

We had a fantastic visit to the Space Centre today. We were able to explore all the different sections of the galaxy, look at what astronauts needed to go into space, explore the constellations, find out about the different characteristics of each planet, read about the space race and sit back in some very comfy seats and watch a panoramic film about astronauts in space. It was a fabulous day and the children were super. 

Space Centre Visit

Our fantastic children led a very thoughtful service today all about Remembrance