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Autumn Term

Christmas Festivities


We have had quite a few busy weeks getting ready for Christmas. Firstly we had Christmas Jumper day last week, then we had Christmas Dinner on Friday. This week we made Snowmen biscuits and had a whole school Christmas party. We have bought in board games for our final day. 


Have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.


Miss Ellingworth


As part of our roman topic, the children have work together to create catapults. We discussed the force we might need and the terminology. The children worked really hard and only used lollipop sticks and elastic bands. We enjoyed testing them out too!

A little Nativity

Year 2's from our class have been involved in the nativity. They performed this afternoon and will perform again tomorrow morning. It has been wonderful to see the Year 2's learning their lines and practising their songs and dance moves!

DT Day


Today we have been sewing snowmen for our DT day. 

Golden Time

Our golden time this week was to have a teddy bears' picnic!

Children in Need


The school council decided we were going to have a range of activities for Children In Need. They were in charge of the different stations which included a Pudsey Bear Hunt, colouring competition, face painting and biscuit decorating. Children went to different stations throughout the day. It was lovely to see Hazel class become so involved. Well done school council!

Topic Morning

This morning we dressed up as Romans. We designed and created a roman coin from clay. After this we went into our Celtic or Roman groups and prepared some formations ready to battle! We commenced our ‘battle’ and the Celtic team won.

Diwali Day

Today we looked at the story of Rama and Sita, and we made a story map to tell us the story. In the afternoon we thought about what Diwali is to Hindu’s and joined with Redwood class to try the different food and drink Hindu’s have to celebrate Diwali. We also coloured in rangoli patterns. At the end we danced to Bollywood music.

Our New Addition

Many thanks to Lottie's mum for making a class bookworm for our reading chair. I'm sure he'll become a great asset to Hazel Class!

Autumn 1 - Misty Mountain Sierra


This half term has been super busy and exciting in Hazel Class. Firstly, we 'climbed Mount Everest' (by means of Google Earth) to see the conditions of what is it like at a summit of a mountain. We have rewrote a story about a monster that lived on the other side of the mountain. After that we considered other forms of maps and used GPS to go geocaching around Sharnford. We have also created Kennings to describe Mountain animals. We have also learnt about the water cycle and beginning to use Scratch to help us recreate it. We have conducted an experiment to see how the water cycle occurs. In Maths we have looked at place value and now moving onto addition and subtraction. In RE week we discovered the Creation Story and how valuable it is to Christians. 


We also led the Harvest Service at Sharnford Methodist Church.


Below are some of the highlights of this term.