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Belgrave Road Visit Y5

The Y5's had a fantastic trip to Belgrave Road on Thursday! As soon as we arrived it was lunch boxes down, coats away and shoes off as we were led through some quite intricate Indian dances. With clapping, shuffling... and some huffing we just about managed to dance without embarrassing ourselves too much!


After that energetic start we split into two groups and then it was off to see some of the businesses that make up the Golden Mile. We visited a Sari shop to see how the sari’s were designed and found out that the most expensive sari there was £5,000!


Next, we headed to the Shri Ram Mandir Temple. The children took off their shoes as we entered as nothing unclean can be taken into the temple. The priest there was very understanding and answered our many questions patiently! He told us about the Gods that are worshipped there and how the temple is used. Every day they feed hundreds of people their lunch free of charge and all members work together towards spiritual, cultural and social harmony. We were fortunate enough to take part in the midday prayer and were made to feel very welcome with the priest's blessing to return any time. This was a very special part of the day.


After that it was lunch and a chance to rest our feet!


At the Grocers we learnt about how hard people work keeping the family business afloat and about how many of the families have worked on Belgrave Road for 2 or more generations. We were given lots of free food to take back with us to taste! We food and vegetables. The last part was visiting a little treasure trove of a shop which seemed to sell absolutely everything!


The sweet shop was quite exciting and it was amazing to see all the different types of Indian food  - it all smelled divine!


It was a real eye-opener of a day and we found out so much more about the Hindu way of life and about what is important to the people there. We also found out about why it’s called the Golden Mile: the gold in the shop windows is one reason and the fact that the traffic lights all turn amber at once is the other! Every single person we met was open, friendly, welcoming and willing to help us understand even more! A great day out!