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Big Bang!

The Big Bang

Today was an amazing - but incredibly busy - day! The NEC was heaving when we got there, hundreds of pupils swarming into the arena ready for the excitement to begin! So, we joined them! After getting our lanyards we headed for some of the stalls. First we made some rockets and saw how they flew, then we tried on some virtual reality goggles to look for molecules - that was fun! After that we headed for the bubbles and got to see a few before the man went for lunch! Huh! After our lunch we queued up for 'Chemical Cauldron' It was a bit of a wait, but well worth it! We watched acids turn to alkali's, bubbles filled with helium, bubbles filled with carbon dioxide, bubbles that went on fire, how various chemicals reacted to heat and changed the colour of the flame, how to make elephant's toothpaste and how to make a rocket. Once the show finished we had a quick look around some other stalls and saw a meccano robot which we controlled using an ipad, saw dry ice react with fire and fished out some pollution!

All in all, a fun-packed time.....but we were certainly ready to head for the coach at the end of the day and have a well-earned rest!

As always, the children were beautifully behaved and it was a pleasure to have their company for the day. Even in such an incredibly busy environment, they were sensible, stayed together and not a moan was heard! A super group of Y4's!