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Bike Ability (Bike for Life)

Year 5 have been participating in Bike 4 Life.

We all started off in the playground by learning simple biking skills. We did the safe starting position and how to use hand signals.

Then we learnt the basic skills of riding on the road. The first thing we learnt was to park our bikes. After that we learnt the primary position. We were then taught where in the road we had to ride. We went down to Morley road and learnt how to do u turns and how to overtake a parked vehicle. We recapped on what we had already learnt. We then learnt how to come in and out of a T-junction, the next step was using hand signals, as well as giving way. 


Finally we recapped everything we had learnt and did some right hand turns.

We are very thankful for the bike4life staff for coming in to help us to be safe on the roads!