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Autumn 2016

A warm welcome back to everyone; it's been lovely seeing and teaching the children over the last two days and they have settled in brilliantly! Our topic for the next six weeks is 'Gallery Rebels' where we look at various art movements and experiment with a variety of artistic techniques. We began the topic by copying a piece of modern art onto large scale paper (they looked fab) as well as beginning to get to grips with the different art periods.

Please don't hesitate to pop in to see me and I look forward to seeing you all at our Meet the Teacher evening on Thursday 1st September.





Well done to the Y5/6's for doing a brilliant job with their stalls today! They were very well organised and all the children certainly enjoyed sampling the wide variety of games and activities that were on offer!




 ‚ÄčToday was another full on day for our Y6's! They went out as team (and spotted some massive carp), went kayaking individually and finally had fun canoeing with friends! In the afternoon it was raft building time - but the best part was testing whether they worked - with some good and not so good results! Finally, it was time to jump in and judging by the many shocked expressions on the children's faces, the water was a bit chilly! Well done to Mrs Roddam and Mrs Bolton for taking a dive!

As always, the children were beautifully behaved and willing to take on any challenge; it was a pleasure to share this final trip with them.



Victorian Street Seller

Today the children gave fantastic performances as street sellers trying to persuade everyone to buy their extra special Victorian toy! Overall, the children used rhetorical questions, alliteration and slogans in their specially written piece - along with some quite dramatic actions and expressions too! It was great to watch and listen to! Well done everyone!

Victorian Street Sellers!

Hinckley Academy Sports Morning

The children had a great time at Hinckley academy and the activities were varied and well-organised; shot put, javelin (foam ones though!), tug-of-war, long jump, high jump, races and throwing activities. As always the children were a credit to the school and themselves and were a pleasure to accompany.

Hinckley Academy Sports Day

Up an' at 'em!                                                                                                             16.06.16

Today we had Jed Jaggard from 'Up an' at 'em History' in school to talk to the children about the Victorians. As usual, Jed did another fascinating talk and we learnt more about the Victorian era. Jed and Jess discussed life in school and the use of canes for punishing children. He also talked about the police force, their uniform and equipment and why they dressed as they did. After that it was all about the battles: Crimea, Zulu and Boer were mentioned, along with the equipment needed. The it was time for some hands on as the children looked at the artefacts. To finish they worked out money calculations using old money: shillings, farthings and thrupenny bits. It was a great session and the children really enjoyed it, listening and joining in well.

'Up an' at 'em History' visit

Brainbuilders 15.05.16


We had some lovely family trees and recipes this week for our brainbuilders homework, but a special thanks goes to Owen, Adam, Thomas and Tom (and their parents) who made some yummy things to share; we had a feast!

Brainbuilders Victorian Delights!

Brainbuilders 9.06.16

Y6 Pilgrimage

Today was a special day for the Y6 children as they went on their 5 mile pilgrimage walk to Leicester Cathedral. It was a time for the children to forget about the hustle and bustle and spend some time together, reflecting on their past and their future. As we walked, the children talked about their hopes for the future, their dreams, what is worrying them about this next stage of their lives and the happy memories and firm foundations they have. Apart from some moans about aching feet, the children were beautifully behaved and a pleasure to walk with.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to our last half term of this academic year and the final half term for our Y6's! This term's topic is 'Revolution' which focuses on the Victorians and the Industrial Revolution. The children have already drawn miniature portraits and attempted some copperplate writing. We have many events happening this term: Y6 pilgrimage, Jed Jaggard visit, Watersports, Enterprise, Sports Day and the Leavers Service - a busy half term!

Mini -Me!

We completed our ID topic by finding out what type of personality we were and by making mini-me's! The children had quite impressive sewing skills and it was great to see how focused they were on the task.

RE: Religious Stories

Today we listened to the story of Adam and Eve and discussed the consequences of temptation. The children chose their own medium in which to show what happened to the Garden of Eden after Eve took the forbidden fruit.

The Garden of Eden after Eve took the forbidden fruit

Anyone for tennis? KS2 visit Stoney Stanton tennis club.

Brainbuilders 18.05.16

Just some of our favourite things....


Today many of the children bought in their favourite possession to talk about and their favourite song to listen to. It was lovely to see how many different special things the children bought in and even lovelier to hear why they are so special. We certainly had a variety of songs to listen to and I was pleasantly surprised by the wide and varied selection!

Just some of our favourite things....

Science fun at Hastings High School.

Today the Y5 children were invited to Hastings High School for another morning of science fun. They looked at how energy was released from food and how that energy could be collected or measured.

The children then had a go at some experiments of their own and predicted which foods (out of popcorn wotsits and  shreddies) would give off the greatest temperature.

Science fun at Hastings High

Fingerprinting Fun!


I would just like to say a massive well done to our year 6 children.  They have approached their SATs with maturity, determination and an awful lot of knowledge!! They have behaved very sensibly whilst under test conditions and I'm incredibly proud of them all. My thanks also goes to parents and carers for working them so hard at home too! 

Well done to my super y5's who have been very sensible and supportive this week. I'm very proud of you too!




Welcome back to school everyone! We have started out new topic of ID this half-term with creating art work that expresses our identity, looking at our localities in relation to each other and doing some fun measuring to find out more about our bodies. Di you know the length of your arm from wrist to elbow is approximately the size of your foot? We do now!

The children have settled in well and we have also begun our revision units in maths and grammar in the lead up to SAT's.


Sport Relief

The children's choice of a fancy dress obstacle course certainly gave me a laugh, I mean, was certainly a good idea! Many children dressed up and all took part very well to earn their sponsorship money. I think it was Adam in his Christmas Tree outfit who stole the show though!

Hola Mexico!


On Tuesday Mrs Bryan and Mrs Nielsen came in to cook with our class! We made wraps, fajitas, tacos and all the fillings too! It was a very tasty start to the morning and the children were quite adventurous in trying new food - there certainly wasn't a lot left! Thanks to Mrs Bryan and Mrs Nielsen for organising it all and doing all the hard work; the children loved it!

A dash of Mexican spice!

Last visit to Hastings - applique to our designs

Y5 visit to Belgrave Road


Today the Y5's had an amazing visit to Belgrave Road - also known as The Golden Mile! We arrived promptly at 9.45 and were introduced to our guides for the day. Once that was done, it was time to kick off our shoes and learn some Indian dancing! All the children joined in with enthusiasm, although half an hour of this soon had some asking for a break! We asked some questions to find out more about our Indian dance teacher and then got ready to head out to Belgrave Road for some exploring. Our first stop was a sari shop where we found out about the designs, the inspirations behind them and that the most expensive one made there cost £5,000! Next we headed to the temple where we asked questions to further our knowledge about Hindu worship and joined in with the afternoon prayer. A very special part of the day.


After lunch we took a short walk to the sweet shop and tried some different foods - not all to our tastes though! We then went to a local supermarket to look for some different vegetables and then to a lovely little shop which sold seemingly everything and was crammed with statues, jewellery and special items for worship.


After all that walking it was time to catch the coach back to school! We certainly learnt a lot about Hindu culture and the way of life on Belgrave Road today. It was fascinating to be part of the afternoon prayer and really lovely to see how many family businesses thrive there and how family is such as central aspect of Hindu life. A great experience!

Visiting the 'Golden Mile'

Y5 Science visit to Hastings

On Friday the Y5 children were invited to Hastings high school for a morning of science fun! They started the morning with a bit of a shock using the Van de Graaff machine which made their hair literally stand on end! After that they had a look at making electrical circuits with lamps, switches and cells. Just for fun it was time to play with the Bunsen burners, but not until the children had a talk about flame safety and how to use them correctly. Mr Hezall used magnesium in the flame for the children to see how it burned and then then the children had a go too! They came back sparking about their morning and hopefully will be going for another visit soon!

The Tasting Challenge!

Today we completed the remaining part of our topic launch day - making traditional Mexican drinks. In groups the children either had to make Sangria or Latin Limeade. All the children had a taste of everyone else's concoction and gave marks out of 10! Results were.......variable! But the best part was seeing the children's faces when tasting!

The Tasting Challenge!

Hastings Visit - Day of the Dead!

On Monday we headed of to Hastings for our second visit. When we got there we found that Mrs Woodward had already taken our CAD designs and printed them onto fabric for us - they looked great! Today we made another skull design, but this time onto Styrofoam and we had to be extra careful not to go wrong! After that we used black ink and rollers to imprint our design onto another piece of fabric. It was messy, but fun! Another big thanks goes to Mrs Woodward for organising everything so well for us - the children had a great time!


Today was the launch day of our new topic: Hola Mexico! In the morning we talked about Mexico – what we knew and what we’d like to find out. After that we worked in pairs and threes to design our own Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) mask. We also made Day of the Dead biscuits and decorated them with icing and sprinkles! Later we made Mexican Sangria and Limeade!

Hola Mexico Launch Day

Warning Zone Visit


On Tuesday the Y6 children had their trip out to the Warning Zone in Leicester. This fantastic trip is a fun, interactive way of ensuring the children are aware of any dangers they may face now and as they get older. The first part of the morning was spent covering all aspects of e-safety (very pertinent considering Tuesday was Internet Safety Day!) through playing games in a fun fair! There was Guess Who, but you had to watch out for people lying about their appearances and ages, just as they could online. There was also a fishing game in which you had to watch out for which sites you clicked on; a coconut shy in which it was shown how easy it is to throw insults online; a photo booth to think about which images we use and a fortune wheel to think about good and bad parts of the web.

After lunch the children looked at aspects to be careful of in their surroundings, such as being careful near building sites, railway lines, in the home, at the beach and to think carefully about not placing themselves in dangerous situations that they couldn't control.

The staff were brilliant and answered the children's questions patiently and considerately. The children were well-behaved and listened carefully, offering thoughtful observations about the changing world we live in.

We are the champions......again!

Well done to Birch for wining the reading challenge again this week!

Danny Danger .....and Adam!

Dia de los Muertos

On Monday the children went to Hastings to do some DT work based on our next topic - Hola Mexico! Specifically the children were looking at making skulls based around the Mexican festival Dia de los Muertos: Day of the dead. This is a time of celebration in Mexico where people remember and honour those who have died. It is not a time of sadness but instead a joyous time of remembrance and rejoicing. The children looked at various skull pictures and the intricacy of their designs. After that they got the chance to use the ipads an design their own skull. Next time we'll be sketching and printing our designs. Thanks to Mrs Woodward for a great lesson and for organising it all too!

Dia de los Muertos

To infinity and beyond!

Today was quite an amazing topic lesson! At 2.30 GMT Tim Peake transmitted live to hundreds of classrooms from the International Space Station. It was amazing to see him float around the station as he informed us he’d just passed by Africa! We were able to watch Tim perform some cool moves and he showed us what happened to water in space – it made a bubble! He even played ping pong with it! After that he inserted a vitamin tablet inside the water and we watched as it expanded and fizzed. It was fantastic to actually see and hear Tim live at that very moment  - we were enthralled!

Adventures In Space

Brainbuilders Homework

This week it's brainbuilders homework, 3+4x tables to practise, spellings and grammar for the Y6's. The Y6's have been told to focus on the xtables, spelling and grammar aspect this week and not to spend hours on the topic!

Brainbuilders 20.01.16

We like to ride our bicycles.....!


Well done to  the Y5's who completed their level 1 and 2 cycling proficiency today. Mr Huckle reported back that they were a fantastic group to work with! They listened well, behaved impeccably, followed instructions and were a pleasure to teach! Well done!

Mr Huckle will be offering an after school club for the Y6's to do their cycling proficiency later in the term.



On Wednesday we began our new topic of Stargazers. This is primarily a science topic and will focus on our solar system, how we have day and night, the seasons and the moon. Within Literacy we will be looking at the moon landing and exploring science fiction texts. Today, after researching many key facts about the planets, the children did the more fun (and messier) part of their work on the solar system: painting them! They thought carefully about the colours and textures needed, which was in part dependent on whether their planet was rocky or gaseous, and used their colour mixing skills to good effect!

Planet Painting

How Egg-Citing!

The children finished off our Scream Machine topic by making and designing their own drop rides! All the teams worked brilliantly together and the rides were all successful - to one degree or another! The only way to test out the best design was to use eggs of course! Most of them survived - but some were a bit yolked up after their experiences(!) 

Birch Burgers!

Y5/6 had a fab ending to their topic of Scream Machine with Mrs Bryan and Mrs Neilsen organising the cooking of delicious fairground burgers! They were healthy ones though and completely hand made by the children with the addition of mozzarella, tomato and lettuce. Needless to say they went down (!) a treat and I'm hoping our chief chefs will be back cooking with our class again next year. Hint hint.....

Our Diwali Assembly

The children did a fantastic job remembering all their lines for our assembly on Friday. All lines were delivered clearly and our actors and actresses did a fine job of re-telling the story of Rama and Sita. Thank you to all parents and carers for coming along to see us and we liked reading your comments too!

Brainbuilders 25.11.15

Scream Machine Science and DT day

Today at Sharnford all the Y 5/6 children had a day to get to grips with a variety of forces and mechanisms that they will be applying in the next few weeks of our topic. The children were split into groups and rotated around 4 activities. Activity one was finding out how forces such as gravity work on pendulums whilst activity 2 had the children making parachutes in order to look at air resistance. This activity also had the children finding out about water resistance at the same time by creating aero-dynamic shapes and finding out about up thrust. In the hall the children began activity three by looking at input and output via programmable toys and the use of friction. The final activity was finding out about gears and mechanisms whilst experimenting with various pulley systems. A busy day!

Scream Machine science and DT day

Log Flume Carriages

Today we looked at materials in general, what their uses are and which materials are chosen to make the rides at fairs and theme parks. We then looked specifically at how log flume carriages are designed and the need for buoyancy and waterproofing! In groups the children then designed their own log flume carriage, added some little people inside and tested them to see which was the most waterproof and which was the safest. We got a little wet in the process but did find out which design and materials were best suited for purpose!

Designing, buidling and testing our log flume carriages

Brainbuilders 4.11.15

Cheerleading with style in PE today!


Within the next few weeks the children will be assessed and will carry out a reading, maths and science test. Useful websites to help children become familiar with the range of aspects covered within the tests (particularly maths) are BBC Bitesize and Woodlands Maths. However, I am certainly not expecting the children to do this but wanted to point them in the right direction  - just in case the urge to do extra homework was there!

Scream Machine

Today we started our new topic: 'Scream Machine' This is all based around fairgrounds and theme parks and will primarily focus on forces. The children had fun playing with a variety of construction materials today and some children even managed to create some fairground rides!

Scream Machine Construction

Roller Hockey Madness!

The children had a fabulous time at the roller arena on Wednesday - they were such troupers and never once moaned or complained even when the going got tough - or the tough ended up on their bottoms!

They had the opportunity to put all their skills that they had learnt about roller skating and hockey together and have a proper match! Opportunities were given for the children to learn how to glide, balance and improve their control as they went round the rink, in and out through cones and sometimes over them!

Yet again the children were a real credit to the school and themselves. They helped, encouraged and cheered each other on and those who were just learning to skate were amazing at never giving up! Well done to all - oh, and to Miss Skelton too for daring to have a go even though she'd never skated before in her life!

Brainbuilders 7.10.15


Still image for this video
The children have been experimenting with Winmorph to morph their present selves into what they think humans may evolve to in the future. We discussed aspects that may affect humans in the future such as technological advances, pollution and global changes.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Getting our skates on for our Roller Hockey session!

Galapagos Island Presentation

The children worked hard in their groups to present information all about the Galapagos Islands. They had to consider aspects such as weather, places to stay, things to see, how to get there and how to travel around the various islands. They all presented very well and made some stunning posters!

Galapagos Island Presentation

Animorph website address

Brainbuilders 30th September 2015

Tropical Inc

This week all the children in year 5 and 6 have enjoyed a visit from Tropical Inc. They had the opportunity to meet and handle several different creatures and to learn how they are adapted to their environments. They met pythons from the rainforest, a lizard, an albino hedgehog and a meerkat from the desert!


Next they were introduced to the smelliest animal on earth, a skunk, but the children weren’t so keen to stroke or hold him! A great horned owl was next to take the stage and even gave a flying display in the hall. The final creatures to meet the children were the ones that caused the most fright: a tarantula and a scorpion! Several children faced their fears and held these, only to discover how soft and furry the tarantula was and that the scorpion wasn’t going to sting them after all! 


A brilliant visit enjoyed by all!

A Taste of the Tropical!

Fosse Meadows Visit

Today the children from Y5/6 went to Fosse Meadows as part of our 'Darwin's Delights' Topic. We have been looking at extracts from Darwin's journals and tried to re-create some of his style in our own artistic observations! Have a look at our art work and see what you think!

Brain builders Homework 16/09/15



I hope you all had a lovely summer holiday! The children have settled in very well and have begun our topic of 'Darwin's Delights' in which we are learning all about Darwin and his voyage of discovery. Please pop in if you have any queries and I look forward to seeing you on our meet the teacher evening on Monday 7th September.

Brainbuilders Homework 2/09/15