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Birch - Miss Carvell

Our Year 5 and Year 6 children went to Hinckley Academy to take part in a sports day organised by some of the Year 9 students. They all had a fantastic time, competing and trying out different and new sports and athletic activities, including Shot Put, High Jump and Tug-O-War!


A big 'Thank You' to the staff and students at Hinckley Academy for organising the day and making us all feel so welcome.

Well Done Birch Class....

Another win for Year 5 in the reading challenge!!

This is our 6th win this year.

Keep up the brilliant reading and getting your diaries signed!

Up an' at 'em!                                                                                                             16.06.16

Today we had Jed Jaggard from 'Up an' at 'em History' in school to talk to the children about the Victorians. As usual, Jed did another fascinating talk and we learnt more about the Victorian era. Jed and Jess discussed life in school and the use of canes for punishing children. He also talked about the police force, their uniform and equipment and why they dressed as they did. After that it was all about the battles: Crimea, Zulu and Boer were mentioned, along with the equipment needed. The it was time for some hands on as the children looked at the artefacts. To finish they worked out money calculations using old money: shillings, farthings and thrupenny bits. It was a great session and the children really enjoyed it, listening and joining in well.

Bike 4 Life

This week Year 5 have been participating in Bike 4 Life.     

On Tuesday morning we all started off in the playground by learning simple biking skills. We did the safe starting position and how to use hand signals. We ended with a game.

Then on Tuesday afternoon 7 people were chosen to learn the basic skills of riding on the road. The first thing we learnt was to park our bikes. After that we learnt the primary position. We then got taught where about in the road we had to ride on. We went down to Morley road and learnt how to do u turns and how to overtake a parked vehicle. On Wednesday morning the other group did the same.

On Wednesday afternoon we recapped on what we had already learnt. We then learnt how to come in and out of a T-junction, the next step on using hand signals, as well as giving way. On Friday morning the other group did the same.  


On Friday afternoon we recapped everything we had learnt and did some right hand turn. We are very thankful for the bike4life staff to come in and help us.


Report written by Edward and Lucy

Yum Yum.. we decorated biscuits for Golden Time!

Yum Yum.. we decorated biscuits for Golden Time!  1
Yum Yum.. we decorated biscuits for Golden Time!  2
Yum Yum.. we decorated biscuits for Golden Time!  3
Yum Yum.. we decorated biscuits for Golden Time!  4
Yum Yum.. we decorated biscuits for Golden Time!  5

Check out our 'Bollywood' dancing skills!!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Visiting the 'Golden Mile'

Y5 visit to Belgrave Road


The Y5's had an amazing visit to Belgrave Road - also known as The Golden Mile! We arrived promptly at 9.45 and were introduced to our guides for the day. Once that was done, it was time to kick off our shoes and learn some Indian dancing! All the children joined in with enthusiasm, although half an hour of this soon had some asking for a break! We asked some questions to find out more about our Indian dance teacher and then got ready to head out to Belgrave Road for some exploring. Our first stop was a sari shop where we found out about the designs, the inspirations behind them and that the most expensive one made there cost £5,000! Next we headed to the temple where we asked questions to further our knowledge about Hindu worship and joined in with the afternoon prayer. A very special part of the day.


After lunch we took a short walk to the sweet shop and tried some different foods - not all to our tastes though! We then went to a local supermarket to look for some different vegetables and then to a lovely little shop which sold seemingly everything and was crammed with statues, jewellery and special items for worship.


After all that walking it was time to catch the coach back to school! We certainly learnt a lot about Hindu culture and the way of life on Belgrave Road today. It was fascinating to be part of the afternoon prayer and really lovely to see how many family businesses thrive there and how family is such as central aspect of Hindu life. A great experience!


Year 5 win the reading challenge AGAIN! Well done to everyone who read at home!

Year 5 win the reading challenge AGAIN! Well done to everyone who read at home!   1

Andy Tooze came into our class and we started off by doing 10 class rules which we will be doing in the assembly this afternoon. He read us some of his poems to inspire us for ours. We then had 8 minutes to write a poem about body parts and got to choose if we read it out to the class or not. Andy chose 4 people who were Seth Eaton, Millie Tyack, Joshua Chamberlain and Mia Rathbone. They will read their poems out in the assembly. We asked him some questions, he signed our books and then he went. We all enjoyed having him and we were very lucky to have him come in to our school.


Report written by Lucy Poulsen

We learnt all about the Mexican festival 'Dia de Los Muertos' (Day of the Dead), creating skull masks, skull biscuits, large skull collages, as well as a Mexican food and drink tasting session. Some of use even liked the Sangrita drink with chili powder! HOT HOT HOT!!! 

Sci-Fi Comic Strips

We worked hard to produce our own exciting comic strip adventures to be published on this website. We began by watching Sci-Fi clips, from the very beginnings of the genre, considering features of the form. We then studied Sci-Fi comic strips, paying close attention to the language, layout, settings and characterization. Finally, we wrote our own single editions for your entertainment!

We have been designing our own comic strips based on our topic 'Star Gazers'

Come and read our balanced arguments about the moon landing. What do you believe?

Today we played 'Decimals Division Race' where the children had to divide numbers by 10.

We timed our partners to see who was the fastest. Well done to Millie who was super fast with a time of 41 seconds!!! In second place was Noah with 45 seconds and third was Esme with 49 seconds. 

Check out our skills!!

Still image for this video
Noah showing off his fantastic parkour skills!!!

Practising our 'Parkour' skills in the playground!

Woo Hoo! ANOTHER win for Birch class! Well Done for winning the school reading challenge!


Keep up the great reading and remember to get your reading records signed!

Scream Machine Science and DT day

Today at Sharnford all the Y 5/6 children had a day to get to grips with a variety of forces and mechanisms that they will be applying in the next few weeks of our topic. The children were split into groups and rotated around 4 activities. Activity one was finding out how forces such as gravity work on pendulums whilst activity 2 had the children making parachutes in order to look at air resistance. This activity also had the children finding out about water resistance at the same time by creating aero-dynamic shapes and finding out about up thrust. In the hall the children began activity three by looking at input and output via programmable toys and the use of friction. The final activity was finding out about gears and mechanisms whilst experimenting with various pulley systems. A busy day!

Scream Machine Science and DT day.

For information and photos of our day please click here.

Another win for Birch class! Well Done for winning the school reading challenge!


Keep up the great reading and remember to get your reading records signed!

Year 5 had lots of fun showing off their sewing skills... We contributed to the whole school Christian Values art project. We shared our super sewing and stitching skills to create decorative leaves. Thank you so much to all the adult helpers that came in to help us.. lots of threading needles and tying knots. 

Our Log Flume Vessels

Testing our Log flume vessels.

We discussed the properties of different materials and experimented with them to see if they were waterproof, buoyant and stable. We then designed and created a prototype ready to be tested on our homemade log flume! We found that some of them travelled very fast down the flume and others needed adapting as their riders were soaked or would have struggled to breathe! 



Construction Fun!

Our new topic is called 'Scream Machine'. It is all based around fairgrounds and theme parks. The main focus is on forces and materials. We had some fun playing with different construction materials that the children brought in from home. Esme brought in a fantastic example of a working fairground ride to put on our display. We are going to have lots of fun learning all about different science aspects to do with rides! 

Well Done to Birch class for winning the school reading challenge again!

That's two wins for Birch!


Keep up the great reading and remember to get your reading records signed!

Tropical Inc

This week all the children in year 5 and 6 have enjoyed a visit from Tropical Inc. They had the opportunity to meet and handle several different creatures and to learn how they are adapted to their environments. They met pythons from the rainforest, a lizard, an albino hedgehog and a meerkat from the desert!


Next they were introduced to the smelliest animal on earth, a skunk, the children weren’t so keen to stroke or hold him. A great horned owl was next to take the stage and even gave a flying display in the hall. The final creatures to meet the children were the ones that caused the most movement away from the stage, a tarantula and a scorpion. Several children faced their fears and held these, only to discover how soft and furry the tarantula was and that the scorpion wasn’t going to sting them.


A brilliant visit enjoyed by all!

Well Done to Birch class for being the first class to win the school reading challenge this year!!! In the first two weeks we read a total of 147!!


Keep up the great reading and remember to get your reading records signed!

Fosse Meadows Visit


Today the children from Y5/6 went to Fosse Meadows as part of our 'Darwin's Delights' Topic. We have been looking at extracts from Darwin's journals and tried to re-create some of his style in our own artistic observations! Have a look at our art work and see what you think!