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Birch - Miss Carvell

Welcome to the Birch Class page. Birch class is the Year 5 class in our school, and Miss Carvell is the teacher. Miss Carvell is well known in the school for her amazing artistic talents and knowledge!

In Birch class we start to introduce the pupils to the responsibilities and expectations that they will face in Year 6 and Secondary school. Year 5 can support Year 6 in their duties around the school when needed, form an important part of the school council, as well as taking part in writing the School newspaper .

Year 5 also benefits from working alongside Year 6 in many ways. Year 5 also get to visit Kingswood for a week, and have much more freedom in driving their own learning in class. Year 5 is the last year group that have specific musical instrument tuition (it's Brass instruments this year), and benefit from Road Safety Bicycle training.

The topics we are covering this year are: Gallery Rebels; Pharaohs; Frozen Kingdom; Bloody Heart; Alchemy Island; Peasants, princes and pestilence.

Birch Class

Miss Carvell

Mrs Gimson