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Production Perfection!


If you would like to see photos from this year's production "A letter to the trenches", please click here.

Year 5 have completed the bike 4 life course and passed thanks to Simon and Deb. It was tricky with a mix of weathers including rain, sun and wind. Everyone tried as hard as possible and did an amazing job. We learnt how to signal, turn, pass a parked vehicle and much more. Helping to keep us safe, whilst riding our bikes on the road. We would like to say a HUGE thank you to Mrs Ousia for helping and a MASSIVE thank you to Deb and Simon.

By Susie Jones

We made some brilliant homework. We had the choice to either make a pyramid or write a message in hieroglyphics to a friend. Two people made a pyramid out of biscuits ,they were delicious! All of the pieces of homework were super!! 

Well Done Year 5!    By Lucy Dennis

Awesome Egyptian homework!

Lawrence the gardener has been working with some year 5 children in the peace garden. The whole class have all planted onions; each child has taken one home to look after until they have fully grown. They will then bring their onion in to weigh them and see who has grown the largest one. Some people have planted various plants like sweetcorn, carrots, radishes, beetroot and celery. Everyone loves gardening it’s so fun!


By Grace Hurst 

Gardening with Lawrence

Egyptian Banquet!

Please see Willow page for pictures and information about our fabulous banquet - it was fit for a Pharaoh!

We stepped back in time and created our own Egyptian crowns!

Check out our Talents! 
Birch Class Talent Show! 
Well done to Amelia Maloney who won our talent show for this term!! 

The Pharaohs!

Birch have had an exciting start to the Summer Term as we began our topic all about the Egyptians! To start with we watched a mummification take place from behind a screen! The main organs were extracted from the dead body first, then the brains were hooked out through the nose before the body was wrapped up in bandages. A fun start! (Thanks to Mrs Bolton for being mummified - she still looks great though!)

We have had a look at a selection of the objects that were found by Howard Carter when he discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun and we had quite a heated debate about whether he should have opened the tomb at all! The children are proving very knowledgeable about Egypt, have settled back to work very well and are a pleasure to teach! 

Fashion show for Golden Time- check out our style and groovy moves!

The Ambulance Service

On Thursday 12th March two people from the NHS, the National Health Service, came in to talk to us about their job and how they save people from dying. Paul and Pat checked a couple of people’s blood pressure and heart beat .To test this Paul and Pat used a three cord and a blood pressure checker. We were all amazed by the sight of the ambulance, we all got to go inside and look around! We also learned about oxygen and how it travels through your blood to keep you alive.


Thank you so much Paul and Pat we were all inspired by your words and would love to hear it again.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!


By Susie

Our Red Abstract Artwork


heartOur topic this half term is Blood Heart.

We were lucky enough to have Mr Bevans from Mount Grace to come in to show us how to dissect a sheep's heart.


We have also looked at the story of a red blood cell on its journey around our bodies.  We then created our own piece of red abstract art based around the Heart. 

In groups our class created their own pieces of music for our topic, Alchemy Island. We based our music on a video game for Alchemy Island. Lots of people used adventure and mystery as their theme and created effects to show this. We used lots of instruments such as: drums, maracas, triangles and lots more. Then we recorded our music pieces on an app called Audacity. We all enjoyed listening to our music. By Susie, Beau and Lilia.

During our topic Alchemy Island we did four scientific enquires. They included separating mixtures and panning for gold. We separated substances like flour, pasta, rice, sand, water and stones. To separate the substances we could use sieves colanders, filter paper and funnels. When we did panning for gold we had two plastic plates. We used them to search through the water, sand and stones. We all enjoyed the scientific enquires! By Josh, Tomas, Levi, Lawrence and Lucy

Our Scientific Enquires

Fountain of gold

We have recreated the fountain of gold. We used a plastic bottle, hydrogen peroxide, washing up liquid, yellow food colouring, golden glitter, yeast and warm water. When we added the yeast the liquid reacted by foaming up and overflowing. Creating a fountain of gold! By Leah, Evie, Zoe, Amelia, Jake and Louis.

Fountain of Gold

Alchemist Experiment. 

We had different samples taken from all around Alchemy Island to experiment with using lots of different tools. The samples were taken from Rainbow Dunes, Silver Shingle Beach, Steel mines, Glass peak mountains, Fogwind swamp, Crystal hedge forest, Copper nook and an unknown location. `We tested their state, their hardness, their magnetism, their transparency and their electrical conductivity. We had great fun experimenting.

Written by Callum, Savannah, Grace, Poppy and Rimell.

Alchemist Experiment.

Year 5 wrote their own Cinquain poems about gems.

Year 5 Visit Livesey Lodge to Sing Carols

The talent show!

In year 5 we do a talent show for Golden Time to see what

we can all do. You can get people coming up and doing some really brave things, telling jokes, you get singers, dancers and even drummers.

This time Tom won the talent show with his good drumming skills.

He won a prize for it!



Quote by Tom ‘I felt really good winning but I think everyone did a good job at it!

Lilia did a really good job winning the other talent show before

this one!’  


By Thomas Swirles.

Science days

Yr 5 did two science days, one about the Sun, Moon and Earth and one about sound. For the Sun, Moon and Earth we did a booklet and we made a moving model of them all. For sound also completed a booklet and made a sonometer. The sonometer helped us to identify how we can change the pitch of sound. Tighterning the elastic band made it higher and loosing it made it lower. We all learnt a lot throughout the two science days.                                                                                                                                                                                  By Joshua George Woodcock and Evie Chappell.

Photos from our science days

Our Frozen Kingdom display with our Inukshuks made out of salt dough and our postcards from our expeditions.

Inukshuks are used for making marks to say things like a good fishing spot. Also dangerous things like a big dip or to the end of the ice.


We all made our own Inukshuks out of salt dough it was very fun. We made them with Mrs Barnes. What happened was we got a ball of salt dough each. First we got a bit of salt dough and made it into a square. Then we got a bit more and made it into a smaller square and put them on top. After that we got even smaller squares and placed them on top to. Next we got some more salt dough and made 3 long cuboids and put them on top of each other. Then for the arms we had an even longer piece and made it to. Then we put them all together.

Finally we made a cube for the neck and we put it in the oven and then we were done.

We really enjoyed making them.


                           By Savannah Robbins and Lilia Zemouri

Frozen Kingdom Homework

Year 5 and 6 Frozen Kingdom memorable experience


We all took part in a Frozen Kingdom memorable experience day.

We split into 4 groups and throughout the day each group took part in all 4 of the activities. The activities we did were making igloos out of marshmallows, collages of an Arctic scene, drawing polar bears out of pastels and drawing penguins.

These activities were very fun to do and I can’t wait to learn more about the Polar Regions.


Written by Savannah. 

Frozen kingdom Day

Remembrance Day - Here are a few of our silhouette pictures and the haikus we wrote detailing what life was like during WW1. Here is a photo of our class display.

In topic we have been learning about gallery rebels. Gallery rebels has also been linked with literacy and art. We have recently painted our own impressionist paintings. Also we have made colour wheels and talked about how colours made us feel. We have experimented with chromatography and marbling. Another thing that we have done is we have taken different paintings and made our own collage out of them. Learning about gallery rebels is really fun!!!

By Anon



In topic we have been learning about gallery rebels.

We have learnt about all of the different art periods and artists.

We have done lots of fun artwork including making our own: collages, work about art museums and also making our own piece of impressionism.

The key features we used on our piece of impressionism art work was small short brush strokes and arrange of different tones. 

We have really enjoyed this topic and thought it was great!!!!!!

By Susie