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Tennis Talent!

Top Tiles!

Year 5/6 completed their Aborigine themed tiles on their last visit to Hastings on Monday 15th June. The tiles were very carefully painted - it took some concentration -  and will now be fired, glazed and returned to us by the end of term. The children have been very sensible on our visits and have worked in a very focused way in order to get everything done!

Measly Middle Ages!

This morning, as part of our topic on Peasants, Princes and Pestilence, we sped back in time to the Medieval ages with Jed from ‘Up and at ‘em History.  We tried on some of the clothes the peasants of that time would have worn in battle and felt the weight of a knight’s chainmail and armour.  We also held some of the weapons that would have been used – boy, were they heavy!!

In the second half of the session Nic had his leg amputated by ‘The Barber Surgeon’ as we learned about how the ‘surgeons’ of the day would have  ‘operated’ and saw the instruments they would have used.  We also had a sniff of various herbs and natural remedies that would have been used to treat a number of ailments.

We had a great time, but are all so glad that we live in a modern world of penicillin and anaesthetics!!



Up and at 'em .....Medieval Style!

Ceramics Part 2

We had another excellent session at Hastings on Monday. Firstly the children had to shape and model their clay into a tile shape and then follow their design in order to create their animal from clay. The designs are really beginning to take shape and the children were completely focused on the task. Mrs Taylor praised the children yet again on the quality of the work they produced and how well they worked in the session. Next week we get to add colour to our tile and se the full effect!

Ceramics part 2

Hastings Ceramics

Today the children went To Hastings High School for their first of three sessions based on ceramics. They began the session by looking at Aboriginal art and the messages it conveys. After that they had to design their own clay tile with a creature or key design in the middle. The children cam up with some super ideas and Mrs Taylor, who was leading the session, repeatedly said how impressed she was with the work the children produced!

Next week we'll be getting a bit messier when the clay comes out - but rest-assured, aprons will be provided!

Hastings Ceramics Morning

Y5 Big Bang Science day at Hastings

The Y5 children had a great day at Hastings when they went for their 'Big Bang' day with pupils from Burbage Junior and Sketchley Hill. They experienced various Science sessions throughout the day starting with a 'Flaming Hands' demonstration using methane. This was followed by setting fire to Hydrogen which made a satisfying 'pop' sound!

After that the children watched ice-cream being made by students from Leicester University using liquid nitrogen. The best part was getting to eat it afterwards! The next thing was watching how air pressure affected a mini marshmallow when placed inside a syringe. The children also watched a can being crushed by air being heated and cooled.

In the gym the children had a chance to beat a timed sprint session and to row on the rowing machine. Finally there was a science show at the end of the day with bubbles, fire in a jar, floating magnets and watching the effect liquid nitrogen had on a flower and a banana.

The children came back buzzing about what they had seen and done that day and had had a great time! Thank you to Mrs Morgan for taking them. 


Y6 Pilgrimage

Please see Sapcote Willow page for photos and information about our Pilgrimage.

Y6 Fun!

Please see Sapcote Willow page for information and text about the Y6 science visit to Mount Grace and the presentation the children did about Egypt.

Egyptian Banquet

Please see the Sapcote Willow page for pictures of our Egyptian feast.

Homework heroes!

The Y6 children have been creating some fabulous homework - please see the All Saints Willow page for a sample of their work.

The Pharaohs!

The Y6's have had an exciting start to the Summer Term as we began our topic all about the Egyptians! To start with we watched a mummification take place from behind a screen! The main organs were extracted from the dead body first, then the brains were hooked out through the nose before the body was wrapped up in bandages. A fun start! (Thanks to Mrs Bolton for being mummified - she still looks great though!)

We have had a look at a selection of the objects that were found by Howard Carter when he discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun and we had quite a heated debate about whether he should have opened the tomb at all! The children have settled in brilliantly to All Saints. They have been very sensible, very involved in all lessons and it's been great to see them mix and mingle so well with their peers!

A Taste of India!

As the Y5's had the joy of a fab trip to Belgrave Road (see Latest News for full details) we then had the added joy of helping them try out the food they bought back! Some of it was quite spicy but we all had a try regardless - even some of Mr Howard's class came in to help out!

A Taste of India!

Our Tennis lessons! Watch out!

heartBlood Heartheart

Our topic this half term is Blood Heart. We have already dissected a sheep's heart (some of us could cope with this whilst others found it hard!) and looked at the story of a red blood cell on its journey around our bodies. We have also used the red and black colours of Blood Heart to design a Mother's Day gift and we are currently finding out about Dr William Harvey and his pioneering research of the circulatory system in the 1600's.


Extracting Gold from sand, soil and gravel!

Extracting Gold from sand, soil and gravel!  1
Extracting Gold from sand, soil and gravel!  2

Our (slightly sticky) igloos!

Frozen Kingdom Launch

The children in Y5/6 began their Frozen Kingdom topic last week by making collages from polar pictures, using watercolours to paint penguins (but not real ones!) and getting gooey when making igloos out of marshmallows. They have also carried out research on what makes our polar regions so special and turning this into their own non-chronological booklet.

Our first visit to Hastings High School. Today we cut out our template and tried to thread a needle!

Our silhouette pictures with a 4 verse haiku detailing life before, going to, during and after the WW1

Amazing models made for Remembrance

Amazing models made for Remembrance 1
Amazing models made for Remembrance 2
Amazing models made for Remembrance 3

Our visit to the war memorial on Monday 27th October

Our visit to the war memorial on Monday 27th October 1

Gallery Rebels Art Exhibition

Thanks to all our parents who could make it to our art exhibition on Wednesday - the classroom was buzzing, as were the children! They loved having an audience to show off their art and written work to. Just before our exhibition began the children evaluated our 'Gallery Rebels' topic and all of their comments were positive  - a topic we will definitely use again in the years to come!

Our Damien Hirst 'Formaldehyde' Experiments!

The children certainly had a messy time of it this week as they finished off our Gallery Rebels topic with a science twist! After we looked at some of Damien Hirst's work we experimented with a range of materials such as oil, water, sugar, salt and vinegar to re-create his work in the classroom! The children were brilliant at experimenting and found a way to make an object float in their own classroom-made concoction!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Our Nonet Poems

Our Nonet Poems 1
Our Nonet Poems 2
Our Nonet Poems 3
Our Nonet Poems 4
Our Nonet Poems 5
Our Nonet Poems 6
Our Nonet Poems 7
Our Nonet Poems 8

Birch Harvest Assembly


Well done to Y5/6 for leading our Harvest Assembly today.  Our theme was all about water and it's importance all around the world. They had a lot of lines to learn, songs to sing and actions to do and did so brilliantly! Thanks to all our parents who came along to support us and a big thank you for all the produce everyone sent in for our Harvest collection!

Happy Harvest!


Reading Reminder

Many children have already received stars on their bookmarks for ensuring they have 3 adult (or older sibling) signatures in their reading logs each week. Can I remind parents/carers to keep listening to your child when they read as it is an essential skill and to sign their reading logs.

Many Thanks

Our posters about our favourite art periods

Some of our Impressionist paintings!


Our topic this term is called 'Gallery Rebels' and has involved a lot of chaos...I mean, creativity, as the children have found out about the different art periods such as Impressionism, Cubism, Expressionism and Surrealism. So far they have designed collages from prints and materials, made pastel colour wheels and painted their own picture in an Impressionist style!


Welcome back to everyone, I hope you've had a great Summer! The children had a fabulous time at Kingswood and were praised on their behaviour by many different people! I have uploaded the letter that accompanies our 'Meet the Teacher' session held at the beginning of term and some photos from Kingswood!

Sports Training by Mr Hind

Year 5 have a fantastic time exploring science at 'Big Bang Day' at Hastings High School.

Punctuation: Kung Fu style!

Spring DT: WW2 The evacuation of children from the cities

Easter egg hunting..and eating!

Easter egg hunting..and eating! 1

Class 3 ready for our Easter service at St Helen's Church.

Class 3 ready for our Easter service at St Helen's Church. 1

Easter Church Service

Class 3 did a fabulous job of performing E-A-S-T-E-R spells Easter at St Helen's Church on Wednesday 9th April. They led the school, parents and governors through the meaning of Easter by singing their way through the Easter story whilst acting out the parts along the way!

Spring Term


As part of our WW2 topic we made giant topic posters to further develop an area of specific interest and feed it back to the rest of the class. As our topic draws to an end we have been finding out about the life of Anne Frank. We have researched her life and wrote a biography about her and her legacy.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

This term our topic in Y5/6 revolves around the events of WW2. In our topic lessons we have looked at the countries involved in the war and the reasons for the war starting. As part of this our literacy lessons focused upon the short film narrative of 'The Piano' which included a short, but powerful scene of wartime loss. The children re-told the story orally and then wrote their own version of the story, giving vivid detail to the main character's life.


Within our lessons we also looked at the effective use of recruitment posters, noted their persuasive techniques and tried to use these in our own designs. Our art work consisted of looking at various artists impressions of WW2 and copying them in a medium of our choice.

After this the children wrote an imaginative recount about The Blitz and the horrifying impact this had and will be discussing the Governments plan of evacuation for children.

World War Two Posters

World War Two Posters 1
World War Two Posters 2
World War Two Posters 3
Picture 1