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Children in Reception made a very exciting discovery when they were exploring their new school at the start of the term. We came across some mysterious eggs! After a lot of discussion we decided that the eggs may belong to a dragon that had left them at our school and flown away. Whilst we care for the eggs, we decided to learn all about ‘Dreadful dragons’. Some of our learning has been outside and the children helped make a dragon’s cave out of fabric and material. They have used masks and costumes to make up their own dragon adventure stories and have also learnt to re-tell the story of St. George and the dragon. The children have been digging for dragon bones in the sand and have counted each pile. We have made our own castles from different construction and learnt the different names for the separate parts of a castle, using pictures to label for the first time. Dragon themed activities have also helped us to match objects and initial letter sounds too. The children have also learnt about the danger of fire and how to ‘Stop, drop and roll’ in an emergency. We made an obstacle course to practise balancing and rescued our class cuddly toy in the process. Play dough dragons have filled the classroom alongside felt pictures, shape pictures and junk model dragons! We have been really busy!!!!. 

Since our half term break Reception children have been ‘Peeping into the past’ and learning about key historical events that happened many years ago!. We had a great time learning about the Gunpowder plot and retelling the story. We paid a penny for the Guy and learnt about the value of coins up to 20 pence. As part of the related celebration of Bonfire night the children then got to make some lovely firework crafts and pictures! In literacy we listened to the sound of fireworks exploding and used our letters and sound knowledge to build words that would describe our ideas.


Reception children have also been exploring the similarities and differences of life 100 years ago during WW1. We examined lots of photographs and pictures and even watched video footage on our class whiteboard to see the conditions of life for soldiers as they were sent away to fight. We used objects to sort into groups having talked about the things that families would have sent to the men in the trenches. We also discussed the kind of food that the soldiers would have been given and made a stew in our own Billy tins out of craft material. Finally, we helped Mrs Smith weigh out ingredients to make a ‘Trench cake’, a cake that was a real treat for the soldiers sent from home. All the children had a turn to mix the ingredients and most importantly taste the end product, which was delicious!! Children enjoyed making their own pretend trench cakes afterward and also explore weighing using bucket balances to sort heavy and lighter items. All children are working hard with their letters and sounds and are practising word building to label WW1 soldiers and pictures. 

Peeping into the past has continued through exploring old and new toys and learning new words to describe the differences in appearance and in the materials that toys were and are now made from. The children really enjoyed turning our role play into Santa's toy shop and the opportunities it has given them to write toys lists.! Our favourite story has been ' The toy's party' and we shared it as a guided read in small groups, playing pairs with some tricky words from the text. Children were especially keen to make the cake Kipper makes in the story and everybody had a turn mixing ketchup, beans, sugar, cornflakes, jam and milk. Once the children had smelt the finished cake mix though, they decided it probably wasn't a good idea to taste it!!!!! The children have worked really hard over the last few weeks learning songs for the Nativity. They had roles as sheep, angels and stars and took part in two really successful performances, well done everybody!!!!!

Children in Reception started spring term with a brand new topic ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’. We have had great fun in our role play hospital, bandaging patients and writing lists of broken body parts! The children have worked really hard and learnt how to use pictorial labels correctly, naming different parts of the body. This topic has also provided lots of opportunities for the children to use their phonics and they have had plenty of practise word building to label.


The children have had the chance to take part in lots of fun experiments this half term and had a lovely time participating in a smell and taste test when they were learning and exploring the five senses. They used the book ‘Peace at last’ to think about lots of household noises that we hear and also became great story tellers, using puppets to re-tell the story.


Healthy bodies has also been an area within this topic that has provided lots of fun and exploration and the children have learnt and watched demonstrations about how to wash their hands and brush their teeth properly. They worked outside to make their own exercise routines up and were able to write simple instructions to go with their actions. Towards the end of the half term children worked together to make a healthy sandwich and learnt about the best kinds of food for their bodies. After a particularly busy week, the children made their own healthy bread which we enjoyed with jam for a golden time treat..yum yum!!!


The children have also been working really hard recognising teen numbers, adding, taking away and using money in maths. All of this… and they still managed to have fun in the snow!!!!!!  Have a look at some of their hard work!

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Summer Term has arrived and we have really enjoyed listening to and re-telling the Creation story. The children have used pictures and props to re-tell the story of how God made our world and we started our first day back after Easter going on a hunt around our school grounds looking for things that were living and things that weren't. Each week we have explored one living thing from the Creation story in more detail. This has given the children plenty of opportunity to learn and play outside and they helped set up a lovely garden centre outside, and a den inside. Children have also planted their own sunflower, sweet pea and cress seeds whilst learning about plant life cycles and the different stages of plant growth. Mini beasts have also provided the children with a reason to get out and explore outside looking for creepy crawlies!!  We used junk model material to make our own minibeasts too!


In maths the children have enjoyed using numbers to add using a number line and we have been learning number bonds to 5 and 10 to help us with speedy sums! The children have started to work with numbers to 100 and we have used partitioning to help with recognising these bigger numbers and counting in 10's 2's and 5's