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Child Protection and Security

Children have the right to receive the highest possible standards of care and to be protected from abuse. At Sharnford, we take our responsibilities seriously and are committed to following child protection procedures as laid down by legislation.

We have a comprehensive Safeguarding Children Policy, staff receive training each year and all staff, students and regular parent helpers and volunteers undergo a Criminal Records Bureau check. Should we ever have any cause for concern over parental or teacher care of a child, it could be necessary that details are referred to the investigative agencies, but this should be seen as a constructive and helpful measure.

Concerns have been raised about the possible misuse of photographs and videos taken of children at school events. The Police and Local Authority are of the view this should not be a concern to schools. However please note the following statement issued by the LA:

Parents and relatives of pupils should note that any photographs or video film they take at school events are likely to contain images of other children whose parents will not have given permission for them to be filmed or photographed. Such images should not be circulated more widely than the family, i.e. they should just be for the family’s use. Our advice is that any manipulation or distribution of images of children could result in prosecution.

Parents are asked to sign a parental consent form for photography, and digital use, annually.


For details on Security procedures, please look here.