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Children's RE Conference, St Martin's House. 16th March 2018

On March 16th this year a group of Y5 students from All Saints and Sharnford school attended the annual RE conference at St Martin's House next to Leicester Cathedral. We had the opportunity to talk and work with children from other schools from around the county.
It was a lively day with plenty of 'big questions' to get us all thinking and talking: 'What would you ask God?'  'What makes me unique?' 'What is the most important thing in my life?' 'What would you do to make the world a better place?'
We listened to others' viewpoints and considered views which were different to our own. 
The day culminated in a collaborative creative activity to show why RE is so important. Working to a strict time limit the children worked together to produce some wonderful pieces illustrating their love of RE and its importance.
An enjoyable day all round!