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Conifer - Mrs Warren

I don't know where the time has gone - the term is flying by. We have had an extremely busy term - finding out about the Saxons and Vikings, whizzing round the hall on roller skates as well as continuing our work in Literacy and Maths. We also completed a week long science challenge where we had to design a burglar alarm and design and build the switch needed to make it work!! Have a look at our photos below.
As part of our work on Native America our homework was to try and make our own examples of Native American crafts. As you can see from our photographs we had a great time making models, drawing detailed pictures and even baking our own craft work!

Spring - Part II


We launched this term with our new topic - Road Trip USA! This topic allows us to take the pupils through a virtual tour of the Historic, Geographical and Modern United States of America. On our launch day the pupils made Dreamcatchers, orally retold some early Native American myths and plotted their own Road Trip visiting key tourist attractions across the country. The topic is also bridging across into our Literacy, in particular retelling American Myths and creating our own Legends.


In Maths we are currently looking at Fractions - all important for dividing those pizzas up! - as well as the normal focus on the four core operations. We can't stress how important Times Table knowledge, Number bonds and estimating are to these areas, so any practice the pupils can do at home will be much appreciated.


Our Values focii are on How Christians follow Jesus in RE and our school value of Forgiveness in PSHE. These two work great together as Forgiveness is one of the key messages Christians take from Jesus' teaching. In PE we are finishing our excellent and highly enjoyable tennis coaching soon - we would like to thank Pete and Stoney Stanton Lawn Tennis Club for all their support. We will be moving onto Gymnastics.


Please could we ask for your usual support: reading with your child 3 times a week; making sure they have their PE kit in Monday to Friday; helping them practice their Times Tables, Number Bonds and Estimates; and, of course, sharing their day with them.

What a busy half term we've had. We've explored different solids, liquids and gases, and even made our own mini lava lamps. We've had great fun finding out how different materials react when mixed and even created our own potions!

In maths we have continued to develop our ability to work using the four operations, converted different units of measure and used our knowledge of place value to support us in these challenges. In Literacy we have been reading George's Marvellous Medicine and used this humorous story to help us write instructions, letters and poems. Our school value this term has been based around the theme of friendship, and Conifer class have proved that they are all good friends. We are now a few weeks into our swimming programme and the children are thoroughly enjoying the new challenges it has presented them. Those children who have not been swimming have been enjoying participating in a variety of different and exciting sporting experiences

Our class assembly is fast approaching,  and children now have their lines to learn, so they would appreciate any time and support in practicing at home.

Christian Values Art Project


Here are some of our class working hard at creating a fantastic display. Everyone in our class has worked hard to help create a new, permanent display about our Christian Values. Hopefully it will be up soon!

Half Term News


We hope you are enjoying your week off?

We now have more photos and videos up from Beaumanor - and more will be on the way next week.

Don't forget your homework; here are the links for making Roman costumes - one and two


We have had a fantastic first half of the term. Our trips to Bradgate Park and Beaumanor have added to our knowledge and experience of our Misty Mountains topic. We are now looking forward to the "I am Warrior" topic. We will get photos up from our Thursday immersion day as soon as we can - so come and check Thursday night!


If you are a parent, grandparent, adult carer or even older brother or sister, if you have some spair time suring the day we are always looking out for people to come in and listen to the pupils read. If you can spare half and hour or an hour please come and talk to your class teacher. Many thanks.

We are starting to get the photographs onto the site now, but with around 2000 images to go through and upload, it will take a little time to get it all done!

Click here to see what we have so far.

Here's what Conifer Class got up to at Beaumanor Hall! 


Welcome to all the children newly starting in Keystage 2!

So far our mountain topic has been going a storm. While we have been learning the geographical and geological aspects of mountains in our topic, in Literacy we have used them to inspire us to write creatively, including making Kennings poems.


In Maths we have been ordering numbers and converting measurements - very important for cooking and DIY! We have discussed how important these skills are for later in life. This will set us up for looking at the four operations later. If you can help your child with learning their Times Tables, this will be a huge help during Division and Multiplication.


Our other subjects have swung into play as well. In RE we have started to compare different Values from across the world. This focus on values is also reflected in our PSHE lessons with our Christian Value of Perseverance. French has started with a song; why not ask your child to sing it to you! In PE we have been looking at the skills involved with Invasion Games - football, rugby and others. We also very pleased to have Mrs Dent with us again for Singing. The year 3s have already made a cracking start, out sinigng the noises from our new kitchen!


We hope to use this page to keep you up to date with what is going on in the class, as well as providing additional information about homework and school trips. If you would like any other information posted on here, please let us know.