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Production Perfection!


If you would like to see photos from this year's play "A letter to the trenches", please click here.

Lord Alfred Tennyson's "The Eagle"

For those who have misplaced their sheet and need to practice:


He clasps the rocks with crooked hands;

Close to the sun in lonely lands,

Ring's with the azure world, he stands.


The wrinkled sea below him crawls;

He watches from his mountain walls,

And like a thunderbolt he falls.

Still Night - a song for the play


Here are the words for "still Night" from the play for those who want to practice


Still Night


Stille Nacht, heilige nacht

Alles schlaft, einsam wacht

Nur das traute-hoch heilige paar

Holder knabe im lockigen haar

Schlaf in himmlischer ruh (x4)


   - nope, not Ordinary Wizard Levels but the magnificent birds of prey. We were very lucky today to have with us 4 owls brought by Mr Morley, an experienced handler. Gizmo, Archie, Milligan and Ronnie delighted pupils and adults alike and we all learnt so much about these birds. A great start to our Predators topic this term.

What a fantastic start to the term it has been. We began our theme - Tribal Tales – making Stone Age monuments out of rock cakes, representing prehistoric art through our own cave paintings and going on a treasure hunt around the school follow clues to locate prehistoric artifacts! We have some photos below about our Launch Day, which was the first day of term.


For the past two weeks our literacy focus has been on developing research and report writing skills. The pupils have been selecting information and making notes before pulling all of it together to write a report as if they were Iron age experts advising a new Living History exhibit on Hillforts.  All of this is heavily dependent on reading and writing skills, so please don't stop practising the spellings and hearing your child read.


Our first focus in Maths was on Shapes and Angles and now we are moving back to the core skills of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. As always, please help by practising times tables with your children - knowing these makes a massive difference. Don't forget in the Kids Zone we have lots of great games for the pupils to help improve all of their school skills.


We are continuing to enjoy our singing sessions with Miss Dent on a Thursday. We have continued to develop our already amazing sing talents, and have even started reading a bit of music! I am also happy to say that the children's French with Mrs Poggi is really coming on and it is so good to see them enthused about learning a different language.


Finally we have a cross curricula look at Justice.  We are looking our next Christian Value in RE and PSHE. In RE we will be exploring the idea of Justice  more through Creation Stories and our attitudes towards the home that is our planet.



This week we are asking the pupils to look into Stone, Bronze and Iron Age art. This is a great opportunity for parents and carers to get involved with some internet searching with their children. We will get some links up over the weekend, but, as always, you can never go wrong with the BBC Bitesize website.


We have also asked the children to bring in a flat, hand sized stone for art. This needs to be washed and dried to allow the paint to stick, also can we ask that the stones are not too big. They need to be of a size easy to carry and big enough to paint on.


Thank you!



Find below a BBC document which contains lots of ideas about Time Capsules as well as how to make one. Think carefully about what you are going to include. Your Time Capsule can be real, made out of cut out photos/pictures or even a list in your homework books with your reasons why you have chosen those things. Have fun!

Volcano Experiment! Warning - can get messy.


Below you will find a link to how to make a full on Volcano experiment. Before you do that, put some baking powder or bicarbonate of soda into a cup, then add some vinegar. What do you notice happen? If you have both Baking Power and Bicarbonate of Soda, try both.


WARNING - this can get messy so make sure your parents or carers know you are trying this and make sure you are ready to clean up!


Once you have done that, you could always try this


Finally draw in your book a design of how you could turn this experiment into a proper looking Volcano. You could think of using plasticine, clay, mudrock, papier mache to build up the sides of the Volcano.


Here is an example. Have fun!


What an exciting half term we have had! We have been busy practising calculations using the four operations and solving problems to help us apply them in different situations in the real world.  


Ted Hughes’ The Iron Man has been the main focus of our work in Literacy and has really inspired our descriptive writing. We have made wanted posters, held debates and written persuasive letters. We have also produced newspaper reports recounting the confrontation between the Iron Man and the Spaced Bat Angel Dragon. We also created twitter feeds about our thoughts of The Iron Man.


Our work in topic has focussed on different materials and what happens to them when different forces are applied to them. We have made parachutes, slides, seesaws, and we even made our own magnetic games. We investigated which forces are involved in making paper aeroplanes fly and if we could alter our designs fly better.  We have also been thinking about conducting a fair test and how we can present results as these are key to scientific investigations. We completed the half term with an exciting trip to Snibston Discovery Museum, and after hearing about its imminent closure we wrote letters to the local councillor to persuade him to rethink this decision – I wonder if we will get a reply!

What another packed half term it’s been. Over the half term many children did a great job researching their own family history to find out if any of their relatives had been part of World War I. By looking at the war memorial in the village the children were able to spot family names that they recognised. We were all fascinated by the photographs that parents and grandparents sent in, depicting different wartime memories.

 We wrote stories and poems and painted pictures based on the research we did at home and at school.




Picture 1

Message to the unknown soldier

Dear Unknown soldier,

You did these …

Gun shooting,

Bomb exploding,

Plane flying,

Tears crying,

Stew eating,

Hard working,

Big Fighting,

Friends dying,

Mud walking,

Smoke seeing,

Screams hearing,

Trenches living,

Just then

Something happened,

A gun shot,

And you died.

I bless you.



                            By Annabelle Coates

Message to the unknown soldier


Dear Unknown soldier

Thank you for giving up your life for us,

I know people cried for you when you died.

You tried your best, I know.

Bless you. Bless you.

You made our God cry for you.

I know we’ve not met.

But I want to think of you anyway for your bravery.

Thank you for being yourself.

                                              By Taylor Mae


Message to the unknown soldier


Dear unknown soldier,

I do not know your name,

I do not know your house number,

Thank you for saving our country,

Thanks for giving up your family to save us.

I do not know which battle you died in,

Your courage made you come to war.

Thanks for remembering us.

                                                By Jacob Pottage Fuller

We continued the term with a topic called Gods and Mortals. We discovered an amazing world of fantastic creatures and legendary heroes. We had a great time making Greek Gods Top Trumps cards and creating our own Pandora’s Box which we filled with precious things and decorated.


Not forgetting, of course, our amazing singing that was broadcast on Radio Leicester as part of the Dio-sing musical advent calendar!


Picture 1

Well, what a busy start to the term it's been!

We launched our topic "Scrumdiddlyumptious!" with our very own afternoon tea.  Children in Conifer and Rowan classes from All Saints, joined up with Class 2 from Sharnford to make their own sandwiches and eat cakes bought in from home. We all designed our own cake stands, table cloths and menus and enjoyed a very civilised afternoon.

We also added our own ingredients to bread dough - we were very creative with our ideas! Some people added garlic, others added chocolate and one person even added chopped apple. It was very exciting seeing what happened as the bread proved and then cooked in the oven.

That wasn't the end of our foodie excitement. Not only did we plan our own healthy lunch box, we also made fruit and vegetables from salt dough, using different tools to create different textures- it was tricky getting it just right!