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Electricity Science Sessions

Electricity Week!

May 14th 2018

Year 3 and 4 pupils have really enjoyed our Science learning on the topic of Electricity. We have thought about appliances that run on electricity, mains and battery. Pupils have considered safety and the hazards around electricity in our homes. They have explored simple circuits, lighting bulbs and observing the effects of adding more lamps. Year 4 pupils even compared and considered the differences between simple series and parallel circuits on a bulb's brightness. We all tested different materials within a circuit to identify conductors and insulators and explored why some circuits were incomplete. Our Electricity focus finished in a fantastic way with a Design & Technology Challenge linked to our Road Trip USA! topic learning - the children were challenged to design and build a working light-up billboard of the type we had seen in New York's Times Square! Some of the brilliant results can be seen in the slideshow below:


Mrs Allen & Mrs Wagg :)