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Reception children had a very exciting day getting thoroughly involved with our minibeast theme. The children started off the morning by being sprayed with Mrs Wright’s magical shrinking powder. They shrunk to the size of minibeasts and spent the day having many different adventures! After discovering how dangerous it was being so tiny, the children decided to build shelters to protect themselves in our outdoor area. Lots of wonderful imagination was used to create these habitats.

During the afternoon, we then went on a minibeast hunt around the school grounds and collected lots of interesting creatures.

Making Shelters for our Minibeast!

Minibeast Hunt!

Reception enjoyed making vegetable soup!

What an exciting term we have had! Reception children have thoroughly enjoyed Paddington’s Adventures around the world. They have sailed around the world in a pirate ship, visiting lots of different countries: China, Peru, Africa, the Arctic, the Antarctic and Sharnford!



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Reception children enjoyed DT day.  We designed and made a reindeer Christmas tree decoration. We also decorated our clay diva lamps.