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For the whole of the Summer term we will be looking at the importance of rivers to our societies, and the world as a whole.

To start the whole thing off, we will go to Rutland Water to look at the reservoir there and learn about it's ecology, and the important work Water Aid does to bring fresh water to remote areas across the world.

In Literacy we will be looking at Recounts, Newspapers and end up with a story to tell.

In Literacy we are looking at Light, to finish the curriculum, and then we are going to look across our Science this year, and look at some of the Science around rivers. This fits into work in Geography and History about our local river, the Soar.

How to build a bridge


One of the activities we started with was building a bridge to hold a 500g weight. It was a lot of very destructive fun! We then used this experience to learn how to write instructions.

We went on a trip to Rutland Water, a beautiful part of the Rutland countryside. Here the pupils had a chance to learn more about water and some of it's impacts.

We split into groups on a gloriously sunny day, and we spent our time bird watching, cleaning water, and learning about how the Rutland Reservoir was made, and some of it's history.

We would like to thank Neil, Luke and Jenny for the expert advice and great help.