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FS/Yr1 Cherry Miss Carte

For our final topic this half term we are excited to be finding out all about Dangerous Dinosaurs. Year 1 children will be exploring fossils and learning all about the significance of Mary Anning. Together, children enjoyed using clay to make their own fossils. We will all be exploring the different groups that dinosaurs belonged to, thinking about what they ate and the how their bodies were structured. Children will also be creating their own dinosaur environements and they will be creating a presentation about how and why they think that dinours became extinct. In maths all the children have been consolodating their understanding of grouping and sharing, with year 1 children working on fractions. Reception children made a fruit salad for herbivore dinosaurs and will be writing a set of instructions to explain their methods. We look forward to ending our topic with a trip to New Walk Museum !!!

Summer Term has started with lots of outdoor play in our garden centre and exploration of the school grounds looking for living things such a minibeasts. All children enjoyed getting their hands dirty! They also enjoyed some observational drawing opportunities and we have been really pleased with their finished pieces. All the children will be learning about the life cycles of seeds and frogs and Year 1 children will be producing their own non-fiction fact files detailing all they have learnt. There will be plenty of opportunity to share wonderful stories such as The Hungry Caterpillar. Fingers crossed the weather stays kind for us so the outdoors can help bring our lewarning alive! 

It was lovely to welcome the children back after the holidays. We start the new year with our new topic, 'Are we nearly there?'. For our Reception children this has seen them exploring our local villlage and thinking about all the different types of journeys that they can make in many different vehicles. It has been lovely to share stories about travelling to local attractions and to places further a field!. Our year 1 children have explored atlases and the globe and have begun to identify different countries and continents. We have all enjoyed learning about significant places in the county we live in and many children have been keen to share their experiences of visiting our capital city, London. As we look further ahead, children in Reception will be exploring the country of Italy and making us some delicious pizzas,and all the children are excited to learn about China and how Chinese New Year is celebrated. 

Our new learning focus for the second half of Autumn Term is Fairytale Forest. We have some lovely activities planned for the forthcoming weeks. To launch this topic the children spent two afternoons exploring our beautiful school grounds and finding lots natural treasures to collage with. They also used these items to learn about living and non-living and composed a fantastic collection of Autumn adjectives which inspired some super writing from the year 1 children. We finished a super first week back with a 'living' themed Golden Time and made delicious caterpillar Kebabs!!. Well deserved Cherry Class! 


The children enjoyed learning about lots of different woodland animals and their habitats. They composed fact files about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and they enjoyed grouping different types of animals too. We went on many leaf hunts to identify the different trees in our school grounds and learnt how to identify a deciduous tree. Stories such as Stick Man, The Gruffalo and Percy the Park keeper complemented our Fairytale Forest theme perfectly and children in reception had great fun re-telling these stories and labeling some of the characters.


In RE all the children in Cherry class loved learning about the Nativity story and making a Christingle (in between rehearsals for our performances of 'It's Christmas Eve' and 'Born in a Barn')  Great work everyone!! 

Our class of Mixed Reception and Year 1 children have had a super start to the term with our Tunnels and Turrets topic. Children in year 1 learnt all about The Bayeux Tapestry, William the Conqueror, why he built castles and all about the different parts of a castle and life living in one many years ago. Our Reception children enjoyed learning how to keep safe like a knight and re-telling some familiar stories that feature castles and castle characters. Together, all the children explored different properties of materials and everybody enjoyed designing and making their very own castles. To celebrate a great first half term we had a castle themed banquet celebration and the children looked fantastic in their costumes. What a great first half term Cherry Class. Well done!!