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Can you make a moving toy out of junk?

Interview a member of your family about their favourite toy/s when they were younger.

What did it look like? What was it made out of? How did you play with it? Why was it their favourite? Can you still buy it today?


Write a story as though you had lost your favourite toy (like Dave in the story Dogger)


How did you lose it? How did you feel? Where did you find it?


Design a new toy to put on Santa’s sleigh.

Remember to label it and say what it will be made from.

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Toy Story!

My maths


Log on to see the homework tasks set.

These will be linked to what we have been learning in class.

There are lots of special events in this half term (Diwali, Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day, Christmas).

What can you find out about the traditions associated with one of them?



Number bonds


Make number sentence families, eg

4+6=10 10-6=4

6+4=10 10-4=6



Practise reading and spelling at least 5 high frequency words per week.


Remember to read at home and collect signatures.