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Service of Thanks 10th February 2017


Year 6 had the priviledge of creating a card of Thanks for Mrs Walker. To see what the service was like, click here.

Hoddie Explorers


See what we would look like, dressed up for Polar Exploration.

26-01-2017 - Frozen Kingdoms


See some pictures here of what it was like to explore the Polar regions in the early 1900s.

Spring term has started - we are now just waiting for the weather to follow suit!
In Year 6 our topic focus is Frozen Kingdoms. We will be looking at the history, literature and Science behind the Arctic and Antarctic. We will be drawing artistic inspiration from both the land and the people who live and work there, and looking at some of the people who are closely associated with those regions.

For Maths we are starting to apply our core knowledge to subjects such as Shape, Time, Area and Perimeter. In PE we are having another crack at Roller Hockey, and we are exploring the various aspects of Islam in RE.

If you want to see what happened on our topic Launch Day, head over to our Events page to see the photos.

18-11-16 Anti-bullying Week preparation


With anti-bullying week coming, Year 6 spent some of today looking at the idea of the 'Power to be Good'. The class made some superhero themed posters with the idea of not being a bystander to bullying. We will get another class to vote for the best one. We'll get some examples up on the Events page soon.

Our thanks to Mia who represented our school at an Anti-bullying conference at the King Power stadium today. We look forward to her advice and feedback, once she has had a rest over the weekend!

School Council Elections


We are pleased to announce the following Year 6 pupils are now part of the school council:





Mia has also been voted as head of the School Council by the council members. Aaron and Esme have been chosen to support the Infants with their School Council missions. Congratulations to Mia and the other representatives!