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RE Church


Today we worked together as a class to design and make a church. We recognise it is a place where people are forgiven. It was important for us to include the symbols dove, cross and fish and also to make sure we had stained glass windows.

Model of a church

Stone Age and Dragons Den!


The Dragons from Dragon's Den needed our help. We needed to make a new tool for Stone Age people. We designed our own stone age tools using only material from natural resources. We designed 4 different ones, chose the best one, then we searched around the playground for our materials. Once made, we had to create a speech ready for the Dragons! 


It was a super event, all children listened carefully to each other and won many raffle tickets!

Volcano Eruption!


Thanks to all who bought in their volcanos for today. We learnt all about what happens to a volcano and even listened to a news report of the volcano which erupted in Europe yesterday. Then we used the models we bought in to school to then erupt them. The children loved it.

Volcano Eruption!

Mighty Metals


We have designed our own friend for the Iron Man. Some of us included levers and sliders to our designs.

Forces on a Park

Today we have visited Sharnford Park to look at the forces in action. We use key terms such as gravity and push and pull to describe the forces in action.

Forces on a Park

Magnetic Games


Last week we designed games in groups that needed to have magnets involved. We firstly thought about the materials needed to be magnetic. We then designed our game. Although not all are finished we wanted to share the games we have designed.

Tuesday 13th December


Constructing Shapes


Today we were looking at properties of shapes by constructing them. We found out how many vertices and faces 2D and 3D shapes have. We made them using spaghetti and marshmallows.

Friday 9th December


Maple's Got Talent.


Miss Ellingworth was very impressed with all children who took part in Maple's Got Talent. It was lovely to see a range of street dancing, magic tricks, guitar playing and even ballroom dancing taking place!