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Reception's Visit to Charnwood Museum!

5th March 2020

Today was book day! The children made a huge effort and dressed as many different book characters.

EYFS listened to 'Stick Man,' and created their own stick men, masks and have done some super Stick Man postcards.

Reception have painted pictures of their favourite bears!


Today was our science morning and we spent time exploring a range of different toys to find out how they moved.  We introduced the words push, pull and twist then spent time examining whether the toys needed to be pushed, pulled or twisted in order to move.

The children were then encouraged to make their own twisting toys – a boat and a paper spinner.  They chose suitable materials to ensure that their toys would move when twisted.  They covered their cardboard boats in duct tape to ensure the boats would remain waterproof when tested in our class water tank.  The children loved testing their toys and discussing with each other any problems encountered and possible solutions that would help their toys to move.

Thank you to all the parents and guardian's who attended the science morning today. The children had a wonderful time!


WARNING! The Killer Cat is on the Loose!

What a busy term in Reception!

Reception made clay penguins!

Reception children enjoyed their science lesson, investigating melting.  The children came up with suggestions of how they could melt the ice cubes, such as putting them in hot water, sand, salt, cold water and wrapping them in felt.  They were then encouraged to predict which they thought would melt the quickest. 

Reception Enjoyed Learning All About Chinese New Year!

Melting Ice Experiment!

Reception enjoyed finding out all about Peru today and comparing it to Sharnford.

Keeping Fit - Gymnastics!

Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime

On Friday 10th January, Holly Class joined the whole school to watch the pantomime, 'Jack and the Beanstalk.' We were introduced to Jack, his mum, their cow, Barmy Bosworth, Lucy, the Baron and Slippery Sid.

The poor giant had a nasty cold and Jack was able to deliver a special medicine made by his mother and their friend, Barmy Bosworth, by climbing the magic beanstalk. He was rewarded with a basket full of golden eggs and lived happily ever after. 

The children enjoyed listening to the story and joined in with many songs and actions.


Welcome back!  We hope that you have all had a Happy Christmas holiday.  The children have settled back in to the routines of school quickly and happily.  Reception children have begun their new topic,  'Bears' Adventure' and are all very excited and enthusiastic about it.  Through the topic, we will be finding out about different countries around the world.  We have begun by learning more about the Arctic and the Antarctic.  The children have helped to turn a tent into an igloo for their role-play area.  Later in the term, we will be finding out about China and celebrating Chinese New Year, Italy, Kenya and many more places!

Holly Class Christmas Jumper Day!

Well done to all of Holly Class children for taking part in our Key Stage One and EYFS Christmas production of 'The Grumpy Sheep'. The children performed spectacularly and confidently and we were extremely proud of everyone involved for their hard work and effort.

Holly Class Perform 'The Grumpy Sheep!'

Holly class children enjoyed sharing Christmas D.T day with their families and created lovely decorations for our school Christmas tree.  

Holly Class Christmas D.T Day!

Holly class children enjoyed planting the different trees given by the Woodland Trust.  The children were given a talk about the importance of trees and how we can care for them in their early stages of life.

Tree planting with the Woodland Trust!

Holly Class Maths Open Morning in EYFS!

Friendship Week


As part of our work on anti-bullying week, Holly Class children thought of ideas of how we can be good friends and make changes starting in our own class.

Our Friendship Charter!

Our Planeterium Visit

Holly class children were visited by ‘Explorer Dome’, which is a planetarium.  We were lucky enough to explore the awe and wonder of space, through a story telling introduction to the earth, moon and stars.  We found out that the sun is a giant star made from fiery, gassy plasma. We also learnt about the different star constellations and were told the story about Orion’s belt and Orion’s dog, Sirius.  We saw the moon and experienced its different phases and found out why the sun appears to move across the sky.  We particularly enjoyed star gazing, spotting the different stories and pictures in the stars. 


Our Planetarium Visit!

EYFS children are enjoying learning how to use the laptops!

Reception have been learning all about Autumn!

Today was Hello Yellow Mental Health Awareness Day.  We took part in a number of activities to raise awareness of mental health issues in young people and encourage us all to openly discuss mental health and well being.

We wore something yellow to celebrate this event and donated £1 to Young Minds Charity.  We listened to stories, made biscuits, had our photo taken using various props and made masks.

Everybody enjoyed finding out about mental health.

Hello Yellow Mental Health Awareness Day!

  Reception children enjoyed harvesting the fruits and vegetables from our playground planters.  They all helped to pick the fruits and vegetables. They then helped to wash it, cut it and make a tasty vegetable soup and rhubarb puree.  We ended the morning by tasting what we had cooked.  

From the playground to the plate!

We have already started a very busy term and have enjoyed sharing our holiday experiences and destinations. Most children have been able to find their holiday/day trip destinations on a map of either the British Isles or the World. 

They have explored the geographical features of seaside destinations and programmed beebots to move to around a virtual seaside destination. 


Year 1 and 2 children walked around Sharnford to compare features of the village with those of the seaside. They found both human and physical features.

Reception children have settled well into school life.  They have been busy learning the rules and routines of the class, making new friends and getting to know all the staff.  We have enjoyed getting to know all the children, finding out what they enjoy and what they can do and we will continue to take them forward in their school lives, striving for success and happiness and promoting a love of learning.