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The end of school is here and I would like to say a big well done to all the children in Oak Class for working so hard this academic year! You should all feel very proud of yourselves and now it's time to have a rest and enjoy your summer break! 


It's been a pleasure teaching you all this year, we have had lots of fun! (Enjoy Year Three!)


Love Miss Williams

We are starting a brand new topic this week called 'Wriggle, Crawl and Run!' This is a science based topic all about living and non-living and animal classification. So far we have investigated what it means to be living and what it means to be non-living. We were very good at sorting different objects into the correct groups and discussing the reasons fr our choices. We are looking forward to moving on to animal classification next week. 



Paddington is still travelling the world! His first stop was the Artic! We really enjoyed learning about the Artic and finding out more about the animals that live there. Did you know that a polar bear has black skin underneath his fur? We found out lots of facts about the polar bear and how it has adapted to its habitat. We then left the Artic and went to the Sahara Desert which is quite a contrast! The desert is home to camels and again we found out lots of interesting facts about them! Where will Paddington go to next?


The Artic and the Sahara made us think about different colours. The colours in the Artic were very cold colours but the colours in the desert were hot colours! We made a cold coloured picture and a hot coloured picture. These wonderful pictures are on display in our classroom!

This week is RE week and we are learning all about Muslims. So far we have looked at some objects that are very special to Muslims such as the Qu’ran and prayer mats. We have taken a virtual tour of a mosque and have enjoyed learning all about why a mosque is special to Muslims. We have asked some super questions!

We are back after a lovely holiday! We are excited to continue our topic ‘Paddington’s Adventures!’ So far we have learnt a lot about the different continents that Paddington has visited. We have also learnt about the different oceans and the sea’s surrounding the UK. We know all about using a compass and the different directions – do you know the rhyme that helps us to remember the compass points? Ask someone in our class to help you if you are unsure!

Did you know that we are great explorers? We travelled to the deepest, darkest Peru to explore the amazon rainforest. We looked at all the different plants and trees and the exotic animals. We draw some amazing pictures! This half term we are looking forward to learning more about the different animals.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Oak Class!


Here are some of the wonderful Christmas cards we made this year!

Look who came to visit us!

Great Fire of London

This has been a very busy term for Oak class! We have enjoyed learning all about the ‘Great Fire of London!’ We have created our very own newspapers to report what happened in 1666! We have also used our imaginations to pretend that we were alive in 1666 and witnessed the fire! Check out our acting skills!


We made a massive paper chain for Children in Need and decorated it with spots! It was so long that it took all of us to hold it!


We have also enjoyed a fantastic DT day where we made a Christmas decoration for our school’s tree. We each made a Santa and used different techniques to curl his beard! 

Children in Need Day

03-11-2016 Oak Class latest news!


We have been working hard in Oak class learning all about ourselves! We enjoyed drawing around our bodies and labelling different parts. In literacy sessions we wrote our very own ‘Funny Bones’ story and enjoyed sharing this as a class. A super start to the year Oak!


We have started a brand new topic called ‘The Great Fire of London.!’ We have been history detectives, looking for clues about how the fire started! We thought about questions we would ask Samuel Pepys about the fire and why he buried his cheese!