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Little Acorns Miss Carte and Miss Fraser

This Autumn Term has been a long one and the children have worked tirelessly, enjoying many different activities, that initially were themed around an Autumn theme. Here, the children enjoyed The Gruffalo and Little Red Riding hood stories, alongside the lovely text Don't Hog the Hedge. As the weeks have progressed, the children's interests have evolved and we also covered a short space and rhyme theme which was born from the children's counting back tasks and their favourite number rhyme, '5 little men in a flying Saucer'. As we approached the end of November, the children became quickly excited about Christmas. We have loved having our role play as Santa's Grotto, learning about the First Christmas and of course putting many hours of practice into our fantastic production 'A busy day in Bethlehem'. As we finish the term, we would like to say a huge well done to our Little Acorns and a big thank you form the staff for all your continued support at home. We hope you all have a very merry Christmas and happy New Year. 

Since our Little Acorns started school on a full time basis, they have been learning many new skills through the topic 'Dangerous Dragons and Dungeons'. The children have enjoyed exploring our role play castle and outdoor dragon den, as well as playing in our own outdoor building site (as the work on the school buildng comes to an end). All the children worked together to collage a a huge dragon from different materials and they loved getting sticky fingers as they worked to make their own papier mache dragon egg. The children have also been introduced to our class robot 'Beet Bot' and they were able to input instructions into him to help dragon go shopping!. Our counting and sound work has continued and the progress that children have made has been fantastic. We have explored height and length and taken part in lots of fine motor activites to strengthen little fingers and hands. Here is just a taster of some of the play based activities our Little Acorns have enjoyed over the last 4 weeks,  

Our Little Acorns have had a fantastic school induction over the last two weeks. The children have been really busy exploring their new classroom base, making new friends and getting to know their teachers. They have worked extremely hard recognising their names, learning new sounds and playing lots of counting games. The children have supported each other so nicely. We are really proud of this great start