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If your child is acutely ill or requires a short course of medication, e.g. antibiotics, s/he should remain at home. If it is felt by the G.P. that s/he is fit enough to return to school, the dosage should normally be adjusted so that none is required at lunchtime.
In the case of long-term medication, we will administer medicines following the guidelines on the voluntary administration of medicines as set out in the Local Authority’s Code of Practice No. 5 (found on www.leics.gov.uk/schooladvice)


  • Any staff who agree to administer medicines do so on an entirely voluntary basis and cannot be held responsible for loss, damage or mishap to or with the medicines.
  • Medicines will only be administered by staff who have been First Aid trained
  • No medicine will be administered by staff unless clear written instructions have been given by parents or legal guardians and school has indicated it is able to do so.
  • Parents or legal guardians must take responsibility to update school of any changes in administration and maintain an in-date supply of the medication.
  • All medicines must be clearly labeled with the child’s name, route i.e. mode of administering oral/aural etc, dose, frequency and name of medication being given.
  •  Emergency medication and reliever inhalers, will follow the child at all times e.g. to the sports field, swimming, external visits etc.
  • Children may carry their own emergency treatment with them, but if this is not appropriate, the medication will be kept in a box and the teacher in charge will transport it to the various out of class activities.
  • Inhalers carried by the child should be carried either in a bum-bag or pocket and be clearly labelled with the child’s name and dose.


A register of all children with medical needs is kept in each class register for access by teaching and supply staff.

PLEASE NOTE: Medication such as ‘Strepsils’ are classed as drugs and should only be brought to school if the appropriate form is completed and handed to the secretary.
The “Administration of Medicines” forms for completion are obtainable either at the office.