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What a fantastic first day. Already the pupils have done us proud with their enthusiasm and behaviour, both at RAF Cosford and here at Kingswood. We have also arrived to a little treat - we are the only ones here! So for a short while we will have the run of the place to ourselves.

The Kingswood staff have tried their best to get the children dirty as soon as they can - but some of the pupils seem to have an inbuilt dirt avoidance system! This evening we have already done some Fencing, the Nightline, Quad biking and Orienteering. 

Everyone seems to be settling down well for the night, despite the excitement of being here, sharing dorms and a very noisy campfire. The food is its usual bountiful, healthy and tasty fare. 


We will try and update you each evening with a short account of the day's activities, but if you don't hear from us don't panic - it's just been way too busy.