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Kingswood: Day 3

The weather today has been glorious, as has been the activities. Pupils have enjoyed such activities as caving, laser quest, assault courses and go-karting. They have been building great relationships with the staff here and have interacted well with pupils from other schools.


Despite the glorious weather, somehow the caving still had some wonderfully mucky puddles so parents and carers can expect a few muddy items of clothing! We said goodbye to Mrs Boyd-Hope and welcomed Mrs Allsopp today, and Mrs Morgan achieved a personal milestone when she had a go on the zipwire for the first time since she was a young girl. 


More pupil quotes:

"Yesterday we had some glorious food. For lunch we had fish fingers and for dinner we had curry. Everybody enjoyed all the food." Jess

"My group went to problem solving with Heidi who was the instructor. It was pretty hard at first but then it got easier. It was awesome!" Mia

"I enjoyed the Zipwire because you got to the top of the tower then you dropped down it. It was really fun!" Zoe

"I really enjoyed quad bikes because they were extremely fast and scary. Nothing could be better." Melody.