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Kingswood: Day 5 and a personal reflection

Well I promised a Day 5 blog about the Year 5/6visit to Kingswood however not only was the day extremely busy but I did not realise how busy the time after would be!


Day 5 was as packed as the previous four with the pupils still doing activities up until the last minute before lunch. In fact we saw another school all dressed up for the very muddy visit to the Caves on the last session before lunch, something none of our staff envied their teachers! Praise must be given to the Kingswood staff who, even with a mere few hours left, did not let up on their enthusiasm and desire to ensure the pupils enjoyed every last second. We also found out that many of the staff had only a couple of hours break before their new school parties turned up, and they started all over again. Still they waved us off at the last, and as we left the site you could see the children's heads begin to nod.


This was my first residential trip so my mind was very open to the possibilities of of what might happen when you let 50 primary school children loose in an activity centre. I was not surprised at all to find our pupils extremely well behaved, enjoying themselves and receiving praise from the centre staff and other school staff. What blew me away was how, time and again, pupils would find hidden depths of strength and curiosity to push their limits and to try new things that only minutes before they had sworn they would never do. Every child showed great growth and potential during this trip and it was an honour to be a part of it.


Here are some final quotes:

"I enjoyed the abseiling the most because it was a thrill going down!" Marnie

"What I enjoyed the most was the orienteering. My group finished it really fast. I also liked the people in my dorm, we got on really well." Chloe

"I enjoyed the zip wire. The staff, Danny, Sharna, Craig and others, were really nice. I didn't want to leave." Lauren

Photos: We have taken something in the region of 500 photos of the trip. Before we can display any of them on the site we will have to ensure that all meet our extremely high standards. If you have not let us know yet if your child can be shown on our website, please email the office and come and pick up a permission form. Thank you.