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St Helen's Church Service for the Queen's 90th Birthday!

The children from Sharnford led a lovely service today celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday! After Reverend Norman's warm welcome, we began by Birch class leading us through some of the key events and inventions that the Queen has seen in her 90 years - everything from the first television to WW2! Maple class then talked about why the 1950's were so important and what life was like in those times. They also wrote some beautiful postcards talking about the Queen's coronation. After that Willow class showed us their beautiful pictures of the Queen, told us lots of information about her and what they think her new handbag design should be!

Birch class the  discussed the Queen's wider role in the Commonwealth and how important that relationship is.We finished off our service by singing the National Anthem and the children reading out prayers from each class. Well done to all staff and children for a lovely service, now bring on our special lunchtime tea on Friday!