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This Term's News (Sapcote)

Who says things get easier as the school year draws to a close!


Since Year 6 finished their SATs we have not stopped. The school has attended Area Sports, Year 4 represented the school at De Montfort Halls in a concert, and the whole of KS2 rehearsed, prepared and performed two outstanding shows of this year's production - The Last Monster in Scotland.


Yet still we haven't finished! To come we have both KS1 and KS2 Sports Days, the Year 5 Strings Concert at Sharnford, visits to a local Housing development for Years 3 and 4, a trip to a Wildlife Sanctuary for Reception ... and more besides.

We will be getting photos of all the amazing things we have done this term for you to have a look at soon. Thanks to all the children and parents who have made this term so special so far, and we are looking forward to ending it on a real high note.