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Y6 Pilgrimage

Today the Y6’s took part in a very special journey – their pilgrimage to Leicester Cathedral. Previously, the children had woven a ribbon in a frame to represent us all as a Y6 group. Our starting point was Watermead Park where we talked about our beginnings. As we walked we discussed making the right choices, staying in touch, our hopes, our fears and our dreams for the future. A few miles later we stopped for a well-earned lunch at Abbey Park and also had time to sit with our friends, relax and have a play! After that it was the last part of our journey where we talked about what we may achieve in the future, what doorways are open to us and that we can let go of the past and move onto the future. One more rest and we walked the final part of our 5 mile journey from Castle Park to the Cathedral in silence, reflecting upon our journey so far. At the Cathedral we placed down our stones and thought about the exciting journey yet to come as Reverend Heafford led us in a short service with some singing along the way. We lit a candle and finished by the children reading out the prayers they had written. We also had the opportunity to see the area in the Cathedral devoted to King Richard III before heading back to school. It was a very special day and the children were beautifully behaved.