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Oak - Miss Williams

We have started this half term with a mystery…! We found a picture of a man and had to ask questions and find clues to work out who he was! Luckily we were able to find out that the mystery man was in fact Richard III.  Over the next few weeks we shall be finding out more about him and we are very excited to be visiting the Battle of Bosworth later in the term. We are sure to find out lots of facts there!


We have enjoyed reading different fairy tales this week! We played a fairy tale game and had to tell our partner a brand new fairy tale! Soon we will be writing our very own story!


Here are some photos of us hard at work!

Fairy Tales

Re- stories

Our new topic ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ has got off to a terrific start! We went on a nature hunt around the school looking for various plants. We even found some vegetables in our school garden which was exciting! We talked about the difference between ever green and deciduous and decided that the best way to remember these terms was by putting actions to them!


We have planted our very own beans and are keeping a close eye on them over the next few weeks to see how well they grow! We decided that the beans would grow best on our window ledge as they will get plenty of sunlight there! We are also looking after rocket seeds that have come all the way from space for Mr Wyness!


For homework this week  all of the children have been given a seed to plant and look after! I am looking forward to seeing the results!


What a busy and exciting term this has been! We have been to the roller hockey arena for an amazing day of skating! We performed to our Mummies for Mother’s day, completed a race for Sport’s Relief and have squeezed in plenty of work too!


World Book Day

To celebrate World Book this year we decided to dress up as our favourite book characters! Everyone looked wonderful in their costumes! During the day we created a special menu for the Twits to enjoy then we joined with the Year One class to have a book character disco and tea party in the hall! Have a look at us in our costumes!

(A big thank-you to the grown-ups who helped with the costumes!)

World Book Day

Roller Hockey

We have loved taking part in weekly roller hockey sessions and our skating has improved lots of the weeks! We were invited to a roller hockey day at the arena where we skated on a large rink and enjoyed hot dogs for lunch! Yummy! Some of us enjoyed it that much that we signed up for the after school roller hockey club! Here we are in action! 

Roller Hockey!

Splendid Skies

During our topic sessions we have been learning about the rain cycle. We created the rain cycle in class using….us! Some of us were the clouds, some of us were the water and some of us acted out evaporation and precipitation! We also carried out two different experiments to show evaporation and condensation which can be seen on our class windows!

After the holidays we are moving on to an exciting new topic!

Science Experiments!

Splendid Skies


We have been cloud spotting this week! After learning about three different types of clouds we went outside to see if we could spot any of them! We were in luck as we spotted 2 different types! We are looking forward to learning more about the weather!

Cloud Spotting!

Poet Visit!


We have had a very exciting day! A poet called Andy Tooze came to visit our school and we were able to write a poem with him! We had a great time and he was very impressed with our poems! Have a look at us working with Andy in the photos below! 

We have started our new term with a brand new topic called ‘Four Seasons.’ We began the topic by listening to Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’ to inspire us! We discussed how the music changed and how it made it us feel. We enjoyed the relaxing sounds of the summer and found the fast winter music exciting!


Take a look at our pictures we created using pastels. We thought about how we could represent each season – Christmas was a favourite for winter!


We have been researching the different seasons using the computer and topic books to find information! We have enjoyed making facts files about the different seasons. 

Earlier in the week we looked at shape poems and had a go at creating a snowman poem! We loved it so much that we wanted to share it on our website! We are now looking forward to making our own poem! 

 For golden time this week we made friendship bracelets. Although this was a very tricky skill we preserved and made some lovely bracelets!