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Our Peace Garden

We were extremely lucky over the summer to have our peace garden at Sharnford completely re-vamped!


Earlier in the year the peace garden was given priority status by the school council and every child was asked what they felt was needed to improve it. We had lots of ideas!  The council prioritised the ideas and wrote a letter to Mrs Bryan – who then moved to Germany! Luckily, we were offered help by Sharnford Village Show Group, via Tony Curtis, who offered us some money towards the project. At that point, Mr Nielsen also heard of our hopes and was able to offer us another sum of money on behalf of Land Rover Jaguar who give labour and money to projects on a charitable basis.


Our next move was to hold some fundraising ourselves and with the children wearing themselves out with our fun run and our parents, carers and families giving so generously, we manged to raise another £150 for the project.


In August, with the help of Jaguar Land Rover super organiser, Emily Underhill and the continued support of Mr Nielsen, we had over 25 graduates come and help make our peace garden a wonderful place for the children. They painted our sheds, re-laid slabs, painted and put a roof on the gazebo, pulled up tons of nettles and brambles, laid lovely paths and made a special container for our leavers’ stones to be kept safe in. They then spruced up the area with a water feature, some new plants….and a cheeky little garden gnome!


I can’t tell you how much hard work they put in – it was phenomenal and all in two days too! Our sincere thanks go to the children and community of Sharnford, the graduates from Jaguar Land Rover and the Village Show Organisers.


Needless to say the children love the peace garden and we showed our thanks by asking Mr Nielsen and Miss Underwood to a special thank you assembly last Friday.

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