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Poetry Day

Poetry Day

4th April 2019


The whole of All Saints CofE Primary School have enjoyed a poetry day today with workshops held in turn for all of our infant and junior classes. Our visiting guest poet, Mr Ian Bland gave the children fantastic interactive performance poetry recitals and showed us how to create excellent poems of our own. The children have been superbly enthusiastic and a real credit to the school. The day finished, to much applause, with a selection of children from each age group giving the whole school a recital of their poetry. Here are some of the Year 3 and 4 puzzle poems below:


Puzzle Poems


I slip and slide along the line

I'm made from material strong and fine

I sometimes have a pole above

I have some patterns like a dove

In the night I can close

But in the daylight shows

What am I?


I am a very famous wizard

I am definitely not a lizard

My greatest enemies tell horrid lies

And none of them have dark red ties

I have to work with a slimy eye

Who am I?


I am white and I give people a fright

You can't see me but I'm in the light

People may say I don't exist

But I know I'm right

I can't wear a tie

What am I?


I lick but can't talk

I have four legs and can walk

I have an owner and a tail

I have ears and I need treats (don't fail)

I have a hug nose and it smells anything

Who am I?


He has rectangular, glass shaped glasses

He is a tall, scary teacher

He likes to say you are a fish

He always wears smart clothes in school

He is always silly at our school

Who is he?


Can you guess any of these?! :)