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Rowan - Mrs Allen

Welcome to the Rowan Class page. Rowan class is the Year 4 class in our school, and Mrs Allen is the teacher (she is also pretty good at French!).

Being a member of Rowan Class is normally the first time a pupil starts to realise that they have become a member of the Juniors part of the school. It is a demanding, but satisfying year as the pupils start to understand and realise their own potential and abilities.

In Year 4 pupils can fully immerse themselves into the creative curriculum, enjoying the full spread of interconnected lessons. This could mean making your own potions in Science, working out how to run a shop in Maths, to investigating through research and archaeology the importance of the Romans in Britain. Year 4 also benefits from specific musical tuition (this year it is Ukeleles).

Year 4 Teachers

Year 4 Teachers 1 Mrs Allen :)
Year 4 Teachers 2 Mrs Watchorn :)