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Rowan - Mrs Jones

We are now edging towards the Summer break but we have not stopped all term. There was the small matter of the Keystage 2 production, "A letter to the Trenches" in which both Years 3 and 4 sang the WW1 favourite, "Keep the home fires burning", acapella. While the KS2 play is focused on the Year 5 and 6 pupils for the main roles, we would like to thank Edward Mitchell for stepping in at the last minute as a soldier - well done!


In Maths this term we are just adding the polish to our knowledge of Fractions after some hard practice of our Times Tables. For Literacy, we have been looking at Predator themed Poems using Calligrams and Haikus to create our own poems about these fearsome hunters. We even found some time to practice some nonsense poems, looking at Edward Lear’s limericks and Carroll’s Hunting of the Snark. In Topic we have not just looked at Predators, but Changing Climates, Environmental Impacts, Plant structures and we are just finishing with Skeletons. We have started blogging in ICT and looking at how to program Hunter/Prey games in Scratch. Finally we had our last music lesson with Mr Goldsworthy. He has been really impressed with the pupils’ musical development, their creativity. The class have all told me how much they have enjoyed Mr Goldsworthy’s lessons and I have to say they sound a very different class now than they did just after Christmas!

It is the last week now. We are asking pupils to keep working as long as possible. They will need to bring in carrier bags to carry home their work and belongings. PE kits need to stay at school until the last day – you never know! We will need all Reading Books back in next week. If there is anything you would like to know about the end of term, please come and ask.

Production Perfection!


If you would like to see photos from this year's play, "A letter to the trenches" please click here.

Lord Alfred Tennyson's "The Eagle"

For those who have misplaced their sheet and need to practice:


He clasps the rocks with crooked hands;

Close to the sun in lonely lands,

Ring's with the azure world, he stands.


The wrinkled sea below him crawls;

He watches from his mountain walls,

And like a thunderbolt he falls.

Still Night - a song for the play


Here are the words for "still Night" from the play for those who want to practice


Still Night


Stille Nacht, heilige nacht

Alles schlaft, einsam wacht

Nur das traute-hoch heilige paar

Holder knabe im lockigen haar

Schlaf in himmlischer ruh (x4)

A Quick Update


   So far this term the pupils have worked hard with their assessments and we have had a great time with the Owls. Rowan Class wrote their own assembly ( a very big deal - well done everyone!) and now we are practising songs so that the class can be the chorus anchors in the school production, supporting the Year 5s and 6s.

We haven't got much work to show off yet as we are just getting into our topics, but please find below some before and after photos about E-Safety. Before we start any ICT project we look at E-Safety to ensure we are using good practices and habits while working digitally. This term the pupils are going to have a chance to use a blogging site to discuss their work and ideas with Conifer and Maple classes, so E-Safety is really important. Please help your child by promoting safe digital exploration at home. If you would like to know more, Thinkuknow is a site we use at school. The link will take you to the parents' section.


   - nope, not Ordinary Wizard Levels but the magnificent birds of prey. We were very lucky today to have with us 4 owls brought by Mr Morley, an experienced handler. Gizmo, Archie, Milligan and Ronnie delighted pupils and adults alike and we all learnt so much about these birds. A great start to our Predators topic this term.

Homework Support: This is an example of how you could describe the picture you were given for your homework. Please remember to use your own style and thoughts - magpie, but don't copy straight from someone else's work. It doesn't have to be complicated but it needs to be descriptive. I have included and example of all the Alan Peat sentences we have used this year. Try to include as many as you can without making it sound like a list. Good luck!


Writing Goals:
Alan Peat sentences –BOYS, 3ED, 4 AD, Simile or Metaphor


The warm fresh air washed over my face like walking into the hot sweetness of a busy pastry kitchen. Sweet, enticing smells from the plants and water outside of the tunnel waved me on to escape the clinging, clawing darkness of the Tunnel. Scared, rushed, excited, I saw my hope and safety in front of me basked by the loving touch of an ever friendly sun.  A tall, dark figure with long, delicate steps walked into the gaping mouth of the Tunnel. I wanted to scream out a desperate warning to stop them entering this cold desolate place, yet no sound could come from my mouth.  Another would-be victim of the never satisfied hunger of the Tunnel cycled in as if nothing on this earth could make him feel frightened or cold. Little did he know. I could do nothing to stop their approaching doom. Then, the lightning crack of my mother’s voice cut through the closing darkness.

“Stop dawdling, we need to get to the park before this ice cream melts. It’s play time!” she reminded me. With a bright, twinkling laugh I skipped through the Tunnel in less than a dozen steps and ran off into the glorious sun to find my friends, and adventure.

Class Assembly: Please find below the scripts for our class assembly on the first Friday. Be warned! Some bits might need to be edited if the assembly is too long. Can the Bronze Age and Stone Age groups think about what we could show the rest of the school rather than just talk at them. Stone Age group remember some of you will be making Stone Age art in the assembly!

And don't forget to think of a hymn to sing, or to write a prayer if you volunteered to!

What an amazing end to the term and to our Topic. A quick update.


The class have been spending this week in teams designing and building a monument as a homage to the monument builders of the Prehistoric age. They were truly awe inspiring and we had to rearrange the classroom to fit them all in. The mess made was truly biblical. By the end of the week we had taken them outside, faced all the monuments towards the rising sun, written a prayer in thanks and hopes for a bumper harvest ...... then we ripped them all apart!


In addition, we created a Time Capsule which is now buried on site. The class had a good think about what they wanted to leave as a message for the future, and some left little momentoes. We buried the capsule and everyone helped fill in the hole. Hopefully Rowan Class have now become a little part of the historical time flow.


In Maths we finished our focus on Division and now we are moving onto, or back to, Times Tables. This is going to be an intensive session so any support from home would be much appreciated. In terms of homework pupils have the choice of working on the MyMaths or practicing their Times Tables.


Hopefully, by Monday, you should find on here an example of how to write a descriptive paragraph for the homework and the scripts for our class assmebly on Friday 5th June.


We hope you have a great half term and we look forward to the next one - the last home stretch before Summer!

Hope you enjoy these photos.
More music files for practising your Violins and Cellos.

Cowboy Chorus.wma

Topic Update - Tribal Tales


We are already half way through our theme for this term - Tribal Tales - and it has been a whirlwind journey through nearly 4.5 million years of human history! We have some photos below about our Launch Day, which was the first day of term. To get the classes into the spirit we had them searching for archaeological treasures, creating Stone Age art on sandpaper, thinking about what they really wanted to know about this period and making Stone Age monuments out of rock cake mixture. The classrooms smelt like a bakery first thing in the morning for a whole week.


The key focus for the past two weeks has been on developing research and report writing skills. The pupils have been selecting information, deciding what information was factually accurate and what was a red herring. Then they pulled all of it together to write a report as if they were Iron age experts advising a new Living History exhibit on Hillforts. Up to date, today we have been looking at aerial photos and trying to decide if we can identify archaeologically important areas.


All of this is heavily dependent on reading and writing skills, so please don't stop practising the spellings and hearing your child read.


Our first focus in Maths was on Shapes and Angles and now we are moving back to the core skills of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. As always, please help by practising times tables with your children - knowing these makes a massive difference. Don't forget in the Kids Zone we have lots of great games for the pupils to help improve all of their school skills.


I am really pleased to say that the sounds coming out of the classroom during music have been getting more sweeter as time progresses. We had a great lesson with Mr Goldsworthy outside last week. I hope the weather holds off for this week! I am also happy to say that the children's French with Mrs Poggi is really coming on and it is so good to see them enthused about learning a different language.


Finally we have a cross curricula look at Justice.  We are looking our next Christian Value in RE and PSHE. I am pleased to see such a strongly developed sense of Right and Wrong in Year 4. In RE we will be exploring the idea of Justice  more through Creation Stories and our attitudes towards the home that is our planet.

30-04-2015 Homework


This week we are asking the pupils to look into Stone, Bronze and Iron Age art. This is a great opportunity for parents and carers to get involved with some internet searching with their children. We will get some links up over the weekend, but, as always, you can never go wrong with the BBC Bitesize website.


We have also asked the children to bring in a flat, hand sized stone for art. This needs to be washed and dried to allow the paint to stick, also can we ask that the stones are not too big. They need to be of a size easy to carry and big enough to paint on.


Thank you!



Find below a BBC document which contains lots of ideas about Time Capsules as well as how to make one. Think carefully about what you are going to include. Your Time Capsule can be real, made out of cut out photos/pictures or even a list in your homework books with your reasons why you have chosen those things. Have fun!

Volcano Experiment! Warning - can get messy.


Below you will find a link to how to make a full on Volcano experiment. Before you do that, put some baking powder or bicarbonate of soda into a cup, then add some vinegar. What do you notice happen? If you have both Baking Power and Bicarbonate of Soda, try both.


WARNING - this can get messy so make sure your parents or carers know you are trying this and make sure you are ready to clean up!


Once you have done that, you could always try this


Finally draw in your book a design of how you could turn this experiment into a proper looking Volcano. You could think of using plasticine, clay, mudrock, papier mache to build up the sides of the Volcano.


Here is an example. Have fun!


Marvellous Maths!


Here are some of the examples of how we have been learning about Maths today. The pupils were allowed free reign to use visual examples to represent fractions of different sizes.

Please find below the music we are learning with our string instruments. If you can please encourage your child to practice, as they are all making great progress this year. More practice will make the concert really special!

1. jelly on a plate.wma

3. popcorn.wma

3. Uncle Joe.wma

Anna Lou.wma

Choc treats and Hot Cross Buns.wma

Every body down up.wma

Witches Brew.wma

Ready, steady bow.wma

In the last week of this term we will visiting Snibston Discovery Museum, building robots, thinking about Light and Dark in RE as well understanding word problems in Maths and exploring Explanations in Literacy. We will get some great photos up soon as we can.


Please listen to your child read, or if this is not possible try and make sure they read at least three times a week at home. This helps your child so much with their learning. If you sign off their diary as having read three times, they can then fill in their bookmarks.

Spring Term has greeted us with cold days and busy classrooms.


In Maths we will be revisiting the four operations and looking at how to apply them. We opened with measurements and how to convert across different units in weight, length and capacity. This is a great mental skill to build up so when you are out shopping if you could encourage your child to convert simple measurements that would be great!


Literacy is centred on the literary classic, Ted Hughes' The Iron Man. This story has really inspired the pupils' creative muscles and we have had some amazing description so far. We have made wanted posters, written letters of complaint to our local councillors and are looking at producing newspaper reports on the activities of the Iron Man and the Space Bat Angel Dragon. We will be bringing it all up to date by creating Twitter feeds at the end of the unit.


Topic has all been about examining the properties of materials and how they react when subjected to different forces. So we have made slides, seesaws, played pick up paperclips with magnets and we will be making parachutes. These are all excellent opportunities for the pupils to observe different materials in action and relate them to everyday activities. We have also been thinking about what makes a fair test as this is one of the core foundations of any experimental science.


Thank you for all your support in getting the children to swimming. The tired grins on their faces tells me it has all been worth it!

We are now fully into the Autumn term and outside the windows we can see all the glorious colours of the English countryside as it starts to prepare itself for Winter.


For the first two weeks of this term we are focusing on World War 1 in Literacy and Topic, leading up to a special Remembrance Day service. The pupils have been learning to empathise with literary characters in order to get a deeper understanding of the feelings and emotions around the time. After this we will be moving further back in time to the days of the mighty heroes and gods of Ancient Greece!


In Maths we have been finishing our multiplication work then  we are moving onto Fractions. If you are serving up dinner one night, make sure to ask your child if they can tell you what fractions the servings are!


We have been really impressed with the quality of questions and ideas that the pupils have been coming up with. We would like to ask that if there are any problems with pupils completing their homework, please come and let us know.

This term has focused on so much already that it can make the head spin!


In Maths we have been looking at all four operations, and how to apply them in different situations. Thank you to everyone who has had a go at the MyMaths homework - please keep practicing your Times Tables! For Literacy we have looked at writing information texts, and we are just finishing learning about adverts so we can write our own to sell our incredible Smoothies - more below. Pupils should try and read at least three times a week, as this will have a major impact on their pace of learning at school as well as fill their heads with wonderful ideas and fantastic facts.


In RE and PSHE we have been looking at what is unfair in our communities and society, and how we can be a Changer. We have drawn inspiration from Ghandi, Archbishop Romero, Rosa Parks and many others including children across the world who are not as lucky as us to have a school within safe and easy walking distance.


Our big Topic has all been about Food. We have talked about food journeys, Fair Trade, healthy eating and we finished on making a Smoothie. We had a design booklet to help us create our Smoothie, we then got to make our Smoothies and test them. You can see the photos below, although these pictures are at the end of the day so the drinks were not completely fresh.


Next Term we start our World War 1 topic.

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